GTA IV Gamefly Rental Info Puts Xbox 360 Way Ahead

Online rental service Gamefly has released its Top 10 Most Anticipated Rentals, with Grand Theft Auto IV on Xbox 360 holding a commanding lead over the PS3 version.

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chaosatom3335406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

rentals really?

So xbox owners don't want to buy this game?
What's commanding lead mean? where are numbers?

Wouldn't both version of the game have equal rental Anticipation?
Unless someone is excessively carrying one version of the game.

I guess this means more rentals are left over for PS3. YAY.

edit: i was just joking. I can edit some stuff i guess.

Boldy5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

De-evolutionized humans to the right, please.

Edit: Think before you post next time. Fanboy comments are not allowed in the gamer zone.

Foolsjoker5406d ago

Do people really think this is some sort of support for the 360? Ignorance really is bliss. Yes, more people have the 360 than PS3. So more people will be renting it for the 360....which also says NOTHING for sales really for either system.

Chaos is partially right, more people renting does nothing but look BAD for your system. So flame bait propaganda like this should be removed.

Diselage5406d ago

Gamefly has always been an indicator of how sale portions will be. It's pretty much exactly like taking a random poll. Which if you poll 1,000 random people they will be within plus or minus 3 percent of any given population they are drawn from.

Sorry my sociologist coming out here.

sonarus5406d ago

lol, @fanboy comments not allowed in the gamerzone.
this isn't really surprising though but not really definitive either

Soren the Cat5406d ago

Everyone knows Gamefly is totally console prejudice!

Seraphim5405d ago

I have it in my Q. Although I might not even continue my subscription to gamefly going into May. Their service has been awful ever since I started it in Jan and never have I gotten my money worth out of it. For every 3 months as a member I should be getting 1 month free. Only once have I actually got more than 2 games in a month w/ their 2 games plan and that wasn't by choice. I'd get a game, or two, beat one of them in 3-4 days, send it back, beat the other in the same time, send it back and wait, and wait, and wait... I'll go back to buying every single game I care about and maybe go to the local rental store to pick up something to pass the time between games...

The thing is though, a lot of 360 games I rent just for the achievements and/or for something to play. Although I do own 3 more 360 games than PS3 games. But with GTA IV I'm 99.8% positive that I'll buy on the PS3. Just like DMC 4 which I bought on the PS3 and rented for the 360. I'll probably just rent the 360 version for the achievements, and buy the PS3 version. I made the mistake of buying the same games twice because I couldn't decide which console to get it on and I doubt I'll ever do that again... I know I'm the small minority of gamers who often buy a game for Ps3 then rent in on the 360 but still, I'm sure others do this as well...

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AlterEgo5406d ago

Does this translate into more 360 gamers anticipating GTAIV or more 360 gamers who arent 'purchasing' GTAIV?

'Cause I mean..c'mon... who "rents" GTA games? You WONT beat it in 5 days, and you WILL want to re-rent why keep paying over and over?

Its not a game you beat and leave alone...the replay value of GTA is ridiculous. Even before they added multiplayer.

Xi5406d ago

get bored of running down hookers in less than 5 days. I sold GTA 3 and vice city (sigh, i bought into the hype) after a week because I got bored with the missions and found that running down hookers or beating up pimps wasn't as fun as it sounds. If there wasn't taxi/police/ambulance/fire missions I would've dropped it earlier.

TheEndzor5406d ago

Most people that Play GTA dont finish it.

i love GTA but it does get old after a while.

bullet5406d ago

well When the game comes out and sells more on the 360 I am sure we will hear the excuse "the 360 has a bigger install base" but in reality the ps2 should be dominating every quarter in software sales.. I mean it does have a bigger install base then the 360 right?

Also if the game is good which I am sure it will be. Then that RENTAL just turned into a SALE....See how that works?

NO_PUDding5406d ago

No I don't see how that works.

A rental is a rental, and a sale is a sale, and rental isn't a sale.

And the 360 owners want to rent GTA? That can't be a great sign for sales.

And even with a MUCH bigger install base, PS3 did very well on DMC4 in comparison to 360.

Genuine5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

STOP! Your using actual logic, don't you know that unless you have delusions of grandeur surrounding the ps3, the vicious sony disagree monster will magically add 50 disagree's to your post.

But seriously, the single sony fanboy on this whole site will use his 1000 alternate accounts to hijack anything that isn't worshipping sony and bashing MS. ; )

jaja14345406d ago

How are you not grasping such a simple concept?

lodossrage5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

the ps2 is the LAST gen system. It's not the 360's competitor. The ps3 and the wii are it's competitors.

ps2 competed with the original xbox and the gamecube.

That was a REALLY ridiculous comment in so many ways man.

People aren't buying ps2 games as much BECAUSE everyone knows of the NEXT GEN systems. With that said, the software sales are down on that system (ps2) due to awareness of the newer systems

Common sense man

Bombomb5406d ago (Edited 5406d ago )

his noggin..

dude dilusional fanboys can't comprehend such concepts..

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bigcheda5406d ago

Wow, Rockstar must be thrilled that more people want to rent the xbox version. It is probably just like buying the used version, Rock* probably sees very little of the profits.

RealTimeWeaponChange5406d ago

What are you gonna do, people are dumb.

BLaZiN PRopHeT5406d ago

just so people know according to MS the GTA4 pre-orders are in the 360s favor 2:1, and that includes NA and EMEA. the interview was posted yesterday.

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