Capcom Open to Rival Schools, Power Stone Downloads in Future

Capcom has a handful of digital titles prepped for release over the next several months... but after that, might they be willing to follow Namco's Dreamcast Soul Calibur lead?

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BlackIceJoe3861d ago

I so would love to play Powerstone on XBL or PSN. I bought the PSP version because I liked the game and I would buy it on either system again. So I hope this happens. Plus I also would like a new version too.

odisho683861d ago

wow powerstone was awesome on dreamcast (I loved that system by the way...but whatever still got the ps2 after muahahaha)...i would love to have powerstone as a download on psn and if the sonic team could possibly give us back sonic adventure (the last great sonic game) that would be a must buy for me too...make it happen (PSN exclusives please thanks)