Top 10 ways Rockstar can make it up to fans with GTA Online

Metro: "It was obvious this was going to happen, but no matter how inevitable a flawed launch for GTA Online was it doesn’t make it any less annoying when you just want to get online and play with your friends. That’s still extremely difficult for many people at the moment but apart from simply fixing it – which will likely still take days or weeks – what other things could Rockstar do to compensate disappointed fans?"

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MajorLazer1844d ago

I'll be happy if it is just stable and working :) I could not play on Tuesday but managed to play for a few hours each on Wednesday and Thursday. On Thursday, I even managed to play with friends, so I can see some noticeable improvement everyday. P.S I bought a 2 car garage for 29k and now it is gone :'( if R* can find anyway to bring my garage back would be the icing on the cake

WeAreLegion1844d ago

Oh yeah... Poor us. We're stuck playing in the most immersive open world game ever made.

Indo1844d ago

Exactly. Wouldn't be a lot easier if they didn't do GTA Online and just give us the rehash of GTA IV multiplayer.

4logpc1844d ago

Why do gamers feel like they are so entitled to everything?

its sickening.

GarrusVakarian1844d ago (Edited 1844d ago )

You wanna go and check out the GTA5 forums if you wanna see entitled gamers.

Oh my god, its bad there.