Remember 'Project Natal'?

Moving into the next generation comes with a lot of excitement and expectations. With the Xbox One coming bundled with a new Kinect sensor, one might look back at the expectations and original vision Microsoft had for the first Kinect.

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abusador1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

Remember Milo?

Either way from videos and some previewers the new kinect still has noticeable input lag and functions off and on half of the time so don't expect Natal like experiences this time either.

P0werVR1935d ago


It's still possible. You never know, they might just enhance even further for Xbox One. Since with it's new technology it'll do what it's ment to this time.

crxss1935d ago

milo was basically a lot of Claire talking to herself. pretty sure if Claire didn't move or do anything milo would play itself. plus the actual "Milo and Kate' game was nothing like 'Project Milo' demo and more like your average kinect game.

BUTTTTTTT i still think the potential is there. Developers just really need to put a crazy amount of time into it and make sure people will buy it. Voice recognition has come a long way since natal

nukeitall1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )

With better speech recognition and advancement in that area, combined with WAY better person tracking and the cloud, Project Milo is very possible.

The question is if MS (or others) figured out a way to make it appealing as an experience?

I believe so!

As it stands, Kinect One is completely integrated into the Xbox One. Down to the semiconductor parts. It isn't just an attachment, it is Xbox One!

I'm ready and can't wait for true next generation console!!!

P0werVR1935d ago (Edited 1935d ago )


WeAreLegion1935d ago

Milo is a very real possibility. It just requires a good team. :/ And more thought given to what the game is. Playing with a little boy is frowned upon in most societies.

abusador1935d ago

The concept is a real possibility, but the level of preciseness without input lag and something not frustratingly viable, i believe is not possible with Kinect.

WeAreLegion1935d ago

I guess it depends what the actions are. Oculus Rift has a few games like this, already. The interactions are solid. They will only get better with time. I think a good combination of a controller and a 3D camera would work wonders.

tubers1935d ago

How about little girls? Mila?

malokevi1935d ago

You are oooneee sick puppy...


crxss1935d ago

ACTUALLY "Millie" was the other playable character... TO THE VET WITH YOU

crxss1935d ago

Hahaha. But on a serious note I agree it does require a good team, and lionhead wasn't it. BAM OH SNAP

WeAreLegion1935d ago

Half of Lionhead left after Fable and Black & White 2 released.

That's why the quality of their titles went downhill.

The members that left formed Media Molecule. ;) That's where all the talent went.

DiRtY1935d ago

Yeah, it kicked PS Moves butt.

abusador1935d ago

Sure it did lol Especially since you couldnt play games like Killzone, socom and so forth with utter preciseness with move and could play Kinect star Wars and Steel Battalion flawlessly lol

Some fanboys in here are seriously delusional lol hahahaha

dolkrak1935d ago

No, because you could actually play good games with PS Move, not with Kinect.

Now Kinect is dead anyway, forgotten like it should, like the Xbox One. Two failures in gaming history.

TRD4L1fe1935d ago

you are beyond delisional if you think kinect and xbone are failures

Gimmemorebubblez1935d ago

24 million vs 16 million isn’t that big of a difference.

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cyguration1935d ago

You mean... back when core gamers felt like Natal didn't suck? And then Microsoft chucked the processing chip and the input lag shot up and then they renamed it to Kinect and then only used it for casual crap?

Yeah... those were good times.

ricochetmg1935d ago

Project Notatall what we got.

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