Def Jam: Icon Hands On Preview

Following up on its well received Fight Night Round 3, EA Chicago is currently working on the third entry in the Def Jam series of hip hop fighting games, Def Jam: Icon. The game does some very unique things with integration of music and gameplay, and also continues with the context-sensitive control and presentation seen in the company's previous title. recently got some hands on time with the game.

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wildcat4467d ago

The first Def Jam stunk and the second one was a leap forward in the right direction and now this one looks like it's going to be just as good. I'm glad that they're thinking more creativly and incorporating the music with the gameplay but I will miss the rumble feature with all of that damage. Why Sony!? Why?

Fish4466d ago

From what I've seen thus far, it doesn't look like it will. Time will tell though.