Fable Legends: heroes will have distinct personalities, relationships and moral choices

Fable Legends will let players get morally involved in their hero’s quest, similarly to previous instalments. However, the character you choose will also determine the nature of those choices and the relationships with other people.

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XboxFun2672d ago

Really looking forward to seeing how this game plays.

I'm hoping for a re-boot/re-imagining of the series in someone else's hands over at lionhead studios. It needs to get back to what made part 1 and 2 so fun. Especially part one.

psych2672d ago

This looks like they combined Fable with D'n'D, which is to say it looks awesome :D

2672d ago
-Foxtrot2672d ago

I hope when they do Fable 4 it will be purely single player focused if they are doing an online focused game with Legends. May aswell make two Fable franchises, one focused on single player and one focused on multiplayer/co-op.

meatysausage2672d ago

im really struggling to understand how this game works.

Is it an rpg with a story like the previous fables or is it levels or stages?
Anyone really know how to explain it to me?

chand172672d ago

Its an rpg with a story. It plays like borderlands in the since that its focuses on being a coop game. However this game also has a rts feel. You can choose to be the villain and go against the heroes by managing your minions to stop the heros.

meatysausage2672d ago

sounds interesting thanks

christocolus2672d ago

They said they had 2 other projects in development..and I'm hoping they are totally new stuff.