Halloween Special: The Scariest Moments in Gaming

In some ways, fear is the easiest emotion to create. Novels, comics, radioplays, and films have been doing it for decades, and videogames are no different. While advances in graphics have helped make games gorier, it takes a special touch to make one genuinely scary. Terror, dread, shock, we've all felt these at one time or another with certain games. Some were cheap shots while others genuinely preyed on your fragile psyche in the wee hours of the night.

Here's a list of moments in gaming that scarred the GameSpy editorial team for life, and as an added treat, we'll also be sharing some of our real-life videogame-related nightmare scenarios that actually happened.

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specialguest4462d ago

silent hill on the PSone was the scariest game to play back in the days. when i first played that game, i had no idea what was going to happen.

the first time that walky-talky started to get all staticy and then out of no where these little deformed demon kids appearing next to your leg. i was like, "wtf is this shiet!?!" with no weapon or anything, i didn't know what to do but to run away.

it's the fear of knowing something is there, but you don't know where it's going to come from. in addition, it's dark and your flashlight can only see a limited amount of distance and area.

BlackCountryBob4462d ago

I really liked how on this list they make reference to how the technical limitations of a console can make a game more scary! I think with newer more powerful consoles developers get carried away with how much stuff they can show but they never really think about if they should show it! I always remember the original Alien movie, Ridley Scott understood that to create suspense the creature needed to be kinda none existent so when the alien was seen it was fast and badly lit so it left it to your imagination about exactly what it looked like! All the best suspense in movies is made by not showing things but instead hinting at them and letting the audiences mind fill in the gaps, your own mind mind can scare you many times more than acres of gore and CGI!

yigmalsh4462d ago

first thing I thought of was doom, the suspense in that game, i can remember that to this day.
I also agree with #2 on the fact that the less they show, the creapier it is.. leaves your mind to wander..
I know alot of you prolly disagree,or laugh at me but that was what i really like about The Blair Witch project. Espcially since ive done lots of camping out in the deep woods, i thought it was alot more believable and creepy than any of the newer gorefest type movies.