Top 10 Most Memorable Gaming Moments

Sometimes people get onto games for not being able to convey emotion, but...often times they do. Which moments in video games come across as the most memorable? This week, 411's Derek Robbins breaks down his 10 most memorable moments in gaming!

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Harry1903839d ago

and Big Boss execution stand out for me.Sad,sad moments.I can add to that list.But those the only things i can think about right now.

Bonsai12143839d ago

yeah. the ending of mgs3 was amazing, but the fact that you actually had to hit square to do the deed yourself is what made it that much more engrossing.

IzKyD13313839d ago

the MGS3 ending was brilliant..... I'm not afraid to admit that I got teary eyed on that scene lol, oh and the guy who wrote that article was right about the MGS2 opening, it also gave me chills down my spine when Snake performed that halo jump in the beginning of MGS3.....

xionpunk3839d ago

Yeah that HALO jump was one of the greatest openings ever.

RecSpec3839d ago

Melee intro? WTF

All that aside, Aerith's death was just shocking, I was 12 at the time, I had no idea that a game designer would just take a character away from you like that.

And the ending of MGS3? I felt sick to my stomach as all of the loose ends tied together, it was a painful moment. Truly a great ending.

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The story is too old to be commented.