Capcom takes offense with Perfect Prosecutor

Step aside, Ace Attorney, and make way for the new star of the courtroom, the Perfect Prosecutor.

With Perfect Prosecutor you can join "the dark side", prosecute and fight against the defense as you take the role of Edgeworth. Can this first prosecuting game live up to the hype and surpass the defense? Check out the new scans if you're in doubt...

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RecSpec3836d ago

Since everywhere else has FINALLY caught up to Japan as far as Ace Attorney release dates are concerned. This better be a worldwide simultaneous release.

dexterwang3836d ago

wow this would be so cool... sending innocent victims to jail.... whoo hoo!! I'm serious, I can't wait for this game

Parappa083834d ago

lol i can smell the sarcasm from here

mariusmal3836d ago

this would be great. i always loved edgeworth. and now the game has a more point nn click orientation. ace attorney series + point n click = total ownage