PS3 Siren Goes Foreign

Toyama also revealed that the structure of the game has changed. The game is now split into 12 episodes, each with an opening and ending sequence, and each comprised of parallel scenarios for multiple characters. You're required to play through the whole game in a set order -- a vast change from the original, which placed characters on a complicated scenario chart, known as the "Link Navigator," and allowed players to freely select scenarios at will. The Link Navigator is nowhere to be found this time around.

Despite the non-Japanese cast, Toyama assured readers of Famitsu that the basics of the series haven't changed, from that distinctive style of Japanese fear to the basic gameplay mechanics, including the "Shibito," the game's name for undead (literally "dead people"), and the sight jacking system, where you peer into the sights of other characters and zombies.

There have been a few updates to the gameplay, though. The map screen now displays your current position, a change that was originally implemented for Siren 2. The new map also provides a 3D view, allowing you to better grasp your surroundings.

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