Monster Hook Ups for PS3

Monster today announced a line up of GameLink audio/video cables designed exclusively for the PS3. They have been created not only to enchance the PS3's audio and video performance, but to also "complement the sleek, clean profile of the console." The different sets of cables will be available through all major stores, and will retail from $30 to $100.

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Ravenator5294461d ago


Too bad that the cable with the $100 price tag will probably be the HDMI cable! Considering component cables were upwards of $50 to $60 for the PS2 and XBox.

Sorry, Monster cables have always been overrated IMO.

Retard4461d ago

Why do you assuming it'll be $100 when thats the maximum they've stated... THE RANGE IS ~30-100$.

Don't be so retarded mmmk?

Only question is, how does it improve; what does it improve; and what does it improve it too.

Bill Nye4461d ago

Monster HDMI cable is $99.95

Funny how your name is Retard and you're calling him retarded when he's right.

Retard4460d ago

I know it says $99.95 but that's not exactly $100 is it! ha! Jk, thanks though for the link.

Scythesean4461d ago

I just bought a HDMI cable 10' for $23 from some store on the net a few days ago. Gold plated and everything. When the PS3 Arrives it's ready to hook up to my tv.

Marriot VP4461d ago

gold plated, tell me you didn't fall for that trick. Every lame third party cable says it's chrome or gold plated. Your best bet is go to They have the best quality by far and ship as fast as

DEIx15x84461d ago

A cable is only as good as it's worst metal point. All cables that say that they are gold or silver plated end up going through solder points and standard wire at some point killing any benefit the gold gave you.

andy capps4460d ago

Scythesean- That's what I'll be doing too. Screw Monster trying to sell these overpriced cables to ingorant consumers, and screw Best Buy for talking consumers into buying these cables. For component or VGA, I could see this. But for a digital connection, who cares what name is on the cable as long as the connection is not broken. And there are plenty of good cables out there for much less than Monster.

specialguest4461d ago

Monster brands are are huge ripoff in terms of price. they're overpriced with no real improvements over the less expensive brands. everyone in the AV(audio/video) community knows this as fact.

Monster makes most of their profit on non-audio/video savy consumers who thinks expensive or fancy looking is better.

boo! to Monster brands.

power of Green 4461d ago

Mad catz will also come out with an HDMI cable i rather buy these more exspensive better built cables then buy a cheap cable that breaks and fails to work because it's not legal. Not to mention there better sheilded and if anything at least it's a peice of mind knowing it won't break of fail to work. Cheap is not a smart way to go with this tech at least not dirt cheap.

PS360WII4461d ago

what is it they say....
Oh yea never go cheap on digital entertainment. If you want things to last and you want to make sure it works don't go the cheap route. All you do is buy it over and over for replacements and the total cost ends up being the same if you had just spent the extra cash in the first place. Ah well I've said my piece

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