IGN AU's Ten Commandments of Ninja Gaiden II

1. Thou Shalt Learn Fighting Techniques from Corpses

It's a strange fact of life in Ninja Gaiden II that mouldy old corpses are an invaluable source of technique scrolls. At least, very early in the game they are. It's not long, however, before the corpses begin showing signs of deep depression, leaving little notes saying stuff like "Try as I might I just can't learn the technique of The Sword of a Thousand Truths. What's wrong with me?" or "Dear diary, I suck, signed Ninja #2038". It's sobering stuff coming across corpse after corpse that apparently suffered from cripplingly low self esteem before being 'killed in battle'. Teen ninja depression. It's serious shit.

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DarkSniper3836d ago

1. Thou shall not purchase a game developed by a confirmed prosecutor

2. Thou shall wait for the more superior version being developed on PLAYSTATION® 3.

3. Thou shall beat this game within 4 hours due to Tecmo dumbing the game for the intelligence of Microslaves.

4. Thou shall be excepted to this previous rule when your 360 dies

5. Thou shall call Microsoft

6. Thou shall wait for your coffin

7. Thou shall send xbox 360 in the mail

8. Thou shall wait 3-6 weeks for their Xbox 360 to return

9. Thou shall receive Xbox 360 back in the mail

10. Thou shall trade their 360 for a PLAYSTATION® .


Harry1903836d ago

beat anyone who thinks this game is not good.