Four billion Halo 2 games played on Live

A recent post by Bungie revealed that, thanks to database programmer extraordinaire Roger Wolfson, games of Halo 2 online have 'officially surged over the four billion games played mark'. And that's in a little under two years after the game's launch.

Wolfson also notes that they're pretty close to hitting the four million unique players mark. Along with the update Bungie posted a lovely pie chart, which does more than take us back to our school days. It clearly shows that team-based games are by far the most popular.

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LAWMAN4460d ago

You got low on speech bubbles, so you made another account called "Not the Land of sand." Let's see how long your new account lasts.

THELANDOFSAND4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

"Having more than one active user account is not allowed."

this is my only active account now

and halo 2- 4 BILLION!

THWIP4460d ago

...need to get a f***ing life. The game was SEVERELY overrated, and the multiplayer is crap, compared to COD2. Let last-gen go already, and put HALO 2 to rest.


i prefer COD2 gameplay also, but Halo 2 is still major fun for me- a different style of play?

also it can't be that bad to play- 4 billion gamers!

THWIP4460d ago

That's about how many people McDonalds has served worldwide. That DOES NOT mean McDonalds is a good place to eat. :|

Marriot VP4460d ago

happy to contribute....hehe

DC RID3R4460d ago

MORE people have played halo2, than both ps1 and ps2 games sold combined!!!!

THAT's a fact you just have to fukin DEAL wid!!!

4 FUKIN billion!!!

CompGeek4460d ago

That's the number of matches that have taken place, not the number of gamers playing it.

THWIP4460d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

The REAL fact is, about 8 million (approx. # of copies of Halo 2 sold) people have played that many matches (supposedly)...which proves just how pathetic these people are. They need to GET A LIFE.
BTW, as of June, MS had reported only 1/2 billion games of Halo 2 played on LIVE, to date. I find it impossible to believe that 3.5 billion more games have been played, in only 4+ months.

ploody4460d ago

I hate the COD2 muliplayer mechanics, they are simply terrible, and that's why so many people still play Halo 2, because of its basic yet responding and unique gameplay. There are too many WW2 shooters, and COD2 is NOT next gen by any other means than slightly better graphics. I could understand if you like COD2 becuase you have nothing to compare it to, but I swear if you've played one WW2 shooter, you may as well have played them all.

THWIP4460d ago

...that compares to COD2, and can be played on LIVE. Just one...that's all I ask.

I'll save you the trouble of sounding like a fool...THERE ISN'T ONE.

willymcd4460d ago

i didn't much care for COD2 online at first, but man i freakin am addicted now, it is really amazing is say!

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