IGN UK: Top Spin 3: Courting Reality - How 2K's ultra-realistic tennis ace promises to revolutionise the genre

IGN UK writes: "Back in 2003, Top Spin took tennis games to a new level. Its eclectic mix of realism and accessibility, combined with a superb globetrotting career mode, secured its position in the pantheon of sports gaming legends. The same, however, couldn't be said for the sequel, which sadly failed to build on the original's success, straying a little too far from the pick-up-and-play mechanics of its predecessor, while at the same time failing to make full use of next-generation grunt.

Keen to reclaim top spot in the tennis genre, 2K Sports and developer PAM have gone back to the drawing board for the development of Top Spin 3, intent on revitalising every facet of the series. Having played the game earlier this year, IGN was suitably impressed with what we saw. However, with Top Spin 3 in line for an end of May release on PS3, Xbox 360, Wii and DS, we were keen to find out more about the game's tightly guarded and much-vaunted evolutionary effects engine, which 2K and PAM claim will take tennis gaming to the next level of realism."

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