Forget the DS, Where's the Love for the PSP?

In this article, Kombo delves into the question of why the PSP deserves your love and how it is about to take the handheld world by storm. Think the DS is the best handheld out there? Think again.

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eagle213887d ago

"If the PSP does outsell the DS in Japan for 2008 it won't be because of the massive fanbase the DS has, it'll be because the PSP is becoming more popular among teenagers and young adults."

couldn't have said it better myself! :)

Wii60PS3DSPSP3887d ago

Too bad the PSP is screwed in Japan when Dragon Quest IX comes out.

eagle213887d ago

I happen to like Nintendo buddy. You just keep on wishing. You can't determine what people buy. He even stated that the DS has crossed 20 million in Japan.

But even you know that DS sells to 75% kids. PSP has tapped into gamers with their own income. :)

Wii60PS3DSPSP3887d ago

You obviously underestimate the Dragon Quest fanbase in Japan.

Lekumkee3887d ago

Still got my 1st gen model, which I prefer over the slim. The slim just feels too light(Yea I know). I just think the original feels so much better. Castlevania SotN on the go? You better believe it!!

RecSpec3887d ago

2 PSP games (Crisis Core, Chains of Olympus) were in the top ten in sales last month. I think that they are getting enough love.

Jinxstar3887d ago

Cause they both rock =P

Love em both and play em at work all the time.

mraffa3887d ago

I am a huge fan of the PSP. I use it every day. Gaming, Music, Video you name it. Where can you get the features that the PSP offers for the price, the screen size and the periodic improvements. Heck even a stupid Nano cost as much.

yesah3887d ago

i actually just sold my DS, PSP FTW!

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