DS Nearly Triples PSP Sales in September

September's NPD stats just hit and man do they look ugly for the Playstation Portable.

From August 29 to September 30 403,435 DSes were sold, but only 153,353 Playstation Portables were picked up. Everything wasn't grim for Sony though, the Playstation 2 once again outsold the Xbox 360, 306,517 versus 259,458.

Hit the jump for the break-down of top software sales for the month

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PS360WII4461d ago

I really don't see how anyone can spin this to be anything towards PSP is better than DS.
It's right here in plain numbers how great this Nintendo DS is. It's a great piece of hardware and has great games original and classics! Plus it's outselling the 360 and ps2, but those are consoles so I guess you can't go there... but still it is ^.-

bszelda4461d ago

This just shows everyone that Nintendo knows exactly what they're doing to please gamers today. I mean...Nintendo gives fun, CHEAP, and intuitive new ways of playing so much! They've done it again with the Nintendo Wii! (Which I will be buying by camping out at my local Wal-Mart).

Bottom line is...NINTENDO ROCKS!! (...and everyone should just freakin' admit it already...)

specialguest4460d ago

i like Nintendo too, but stating that they know what they're doing is partially correct. they know exactly what they're doing on the portable department, but when it comes to consoles, history shows that they've not been successful. example: N64 and GameCube. Wii is their 3rd chance to get it right though.

dikturbo4460d ago

I have 3-DS units in my house and 0-PSP's.

Arkham4461d ago (Edited 4461d ago )

Of course it's going to sell more. It's got more mass-appeal and a considerably cheaper price. The PSP is more of a niche device for the over-10 crowd.

PS360WII4461d ago (Edited 4460d ago )

at 403,435 sold in one month I think you can drop the only 10 and under crowd buy the ds. There's more adults buying and playing this thing than little kids the way this is selling

Arkham4460d ago

You misunderstood. Read the post again. I was saying the PSP is aimed more towards older gamers, not the under-10 crowd. Everyone and their mother has a DS, but I guarantee the average PSP owner is older than the average DS owner.

PS360WII4460d ago

But I'm over 20 even and in the past month and a half have been playing my DS more than the 360 right now. Just for the fact they are getting more games for it that are fun to play and play well. But I do admit I love the RPG's. Played Enchanted Arms and loved it! Call of Duty 2 is great along with Battlefield 2 but I'm tired of playing them.
Oh right PSP. I play it for Hot Shots Golf and Lemmings.. there are some others but I don't really fancy any ps2 ports that were out 2 years ago. PSP is geared for older people who never owned a ps2 and are into hacking. Sorry for the hate but to make things fair I do own 2 psp's so I have given my money to them just not my heart (a single tear falls down) aaaaand


Arkham4461d ago

I see DC rider 360's still cherry-picking the anti-Sony stories. Where would he be without Joystiq!

wildcat4460d ago

I can just imagine the little kid asking his mom for a psp and that $200 price tag flashing before her eyes. But then she sees that DS and voila. It looks safe and friendly and cute. Also, PSP software is hella expensive and the new umd movies coming out go for $25 a pop, much more than even a standard new release DVD. DS has much more consumer-friendly appeal right now. I think PSP has to come out with some original PSP games and not just PS2 ports like GTA or Need For Speed. I own a PSP 'cause it has more potential.

ChickeyCantor4460d ago

its not the price, its the games...i got the DS-lite only becozz there wur more games in that time, in the beginning it wasnt apealing...not even the price......but the games did.

"I own a PSP 'cause it has more potential. "
riiiiiiiight, thats might be the reason why DS sels way more ;).

touch me ;)

ScorpioKyle4460d ago

i agree with you on the game part. Thats why i sold my psp, that and load times (don't have too much time to devote to portable gaming).

But there are some better games out now, like Lumines 2, Every Extended Extra and WTF

ChickeyCantor4459d ago

i was talking about the games that are out now:P thats why i got a ds-lite

tackleb0x4460d ago

I love the DS. Its a much better mobile gaming platform than the psp. Which oddly enough they counted on selling more psp's because of the playstation name. Just like they're expecting people to spend $600 on a video game console because of the playstation name.

But there are alot of uneducated consumers out there that buy things based on hype, lies and propaganda.

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