Halo Wars alpha spotted on Xbox Live

Xbox 360 Fanboy writes: "We've been receiving reports for the last few days that a Halo Wars alpha is floating around on Xbox Live. Now, thanks to 360Sync, we have picture proof of its existence. For whatever reason, the alpha has the title "Sway," though it's clearly the Halo Wars alpha according to the status message underneath. What does this mean to the common gamer? Well, not much really. Keeping in mind that an alpha test can precede a final product by many, many months -- the Halo 3 beta came out four months before the final release -- this doesn't mean we're that much closer to seeing Halo Wars hit the shelves. Still, who knows, maybe a public beta is in the works for Halo Wars. At the very least we should have a demo to look forward to."

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DarkSniper3860d ago

Halo Wars from it's inception has been dubbed as one of the worst upcoming games coming for Xbox 360. Bungie themselves have been below average on their delivery of quality products. Mainly due to developing only on Xbox 360 and their own lack of creativity.

Halo Wars is destined to be dead on arrival.


GiantEnemyCrab3860d ago

You just pull this stuff out of your arse don't you!

Maybe you've heard of Ensemble studios, they make some of the best games in this genre.

Bungie has been working closely with them and they are happy with the product according to their blogs/podcast.

wow4u3860d ago

Everyone look! Captain Wrong is back!

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wallace10003860d ago

I hope they do a good job on Halo Wars. If they can produce a game that is as good as C&C then i will be happy.

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CurlUpAndDie3860d ago

i would definitly rent this game to see if it's all that exciting. hopefully a demo come out.

Ben10543860d ago

they dont keep on going downhill, i think that halo is getting worse and worse every time they release one , still a good game tho,

you guys been reading the open zone comments lol, you got people saying to eachother "i hope you die" lol

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