Metal Gear Online runs in 1080P

According to PS3 users that have MGO Premier Beta installed, the resolution is 1080P according to TV display settings. This is not a "forced" 1080P where 720P is unchecked in XMB but rather default display setting.

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DarkSniper3839d ago

Only PLAYSTATION® 3 has the capabilities to run in true high definition resolutions at it's native 1080p structure. Dark Sniper is glad he made the right choice in ensuring he gets the best online experience at a price-friendly range.


Alcaponedyou3839d ago

purchase a PS3 because it is the best choice for your dollar.

(I'm implying xbots are stupid because they bought a 360lol)

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

Tell that to the 1080p native games on the 360 Dark fishhead.

I see you are back to spread your lies.

DomUltra3839d ago

Lol there is no such thing as native 1080p on Xbox 1.5 dumbshit Ahah hilarious, it is all upscaled, get the hell out.

heyheyhey3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )


what? Virtua Tennis 3, Fifa Street 3 and Table Tennis

big success


i didnt say the 360 couldnt do 1080p native

the point is that the only games that do that are the games i mentioned above

the only good game out of those 3 is Virtua Tennis

i know 360 fanboys like to argue EVERYTHING, but you have to amdit- its kinda hard to argue that the PS3 has a better selection of native 1080p sofware

Ridge Racer 7, Ninja Gaiden Sigma, GT5:p and all the PSN games

ambientFLIER3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

There are a few native 1080p games on the 360 that are not upscaled. Try harder, moron. The point is not how many games there are, but the fact that it can do it...while ps3 idiots are claiming that it can't for some reason with no proof.

Varsarus3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

hmm, considering fifa street 3, table tennis and virtua tennis don't really push the system, so probably the 360 is just about capable of using 1080p native for them games, but not intense games that REALLY pushes both systems, the ps3 is the only one that's capable of doing it 1080p native. That latest Haze screenshot was at 1920 x 1080, so 1080p ftw?


"It's up to the devs to make 1080p native game but the 360 can and does do it"

Then explain why Halo 3 is at 640p, it was purely optimized for the 360 and Bungie was a then 1st party developer for Microsoft!

DomUltra3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Virtua Tennis 3, Fifa Street 3 and Table Tennis,

AmbientFlier you sure are a dumb ḟuck.

Alot of Xbox 1.5. games say 1080p on the back how many of them actually are? Lol like none, Halo 3 was what again oh thats right 640p, it's upscaled buddy get your head our your ass.

Unlike what is happening on the Xbox 360 game boxes, Sony doesn’t advertise 1080p on the back of game boxes unless it is a truly native 1080p title.

To be fair though GOTY CoD4 is only 600p for both systems upscaled 720p.

GiantEnemyCrab3839d ago

This guy says the 360 can't run 1080p native games and I correct him and you know I'm right. Now you want to argue semantics?

What you feel isn't a graphic intensive blah blah blah.

It's up to the devs to make 1080p native game but the 360 can and does do it.

DomUltra3839d ago

Isn't it sad fishhead when Halo 3 is in 640p, upscaled? Microsofts flagship title isn't even true HD, pathetic.

ambientFLIER3838d ago (Edited 3838d ago )

Not as sad as all those games running so much worse on the more powerful PS3 than the Xbox 360.

You were proven wrong, so you must bash something else now to retain your dignity. Lol. ZOMG HALO 640PPPPP POS3 RULLZ

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tweaker3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

This is great news. We can expect the full game to be 1080p as well. SWEET!

I'm about to confirm it right now.

EDIT - Yup confirmed. 1080p glory

pharmd3839d ago

yeah, ive known this since i dl it..... tv tells me what im resolution ANYTHING is being displayed at, and i was stoked to see 1080p in the corner when i started this baby up!!!!

Statix3839d ago

But is the 1080p upscaled, or is it true native 1080p? It might just be 720p or 960x1080 resolution upscaled to 1080p output, which is not the same thing.

People at Beyond3D need to start counting the pixels of this game to find out if it's truly running in full 1080p (which I kind of doubt, because there are only a handful of games that run in that resolution on the PS3).

barom3839d ago

I hate to be the party pooper but that's who I am. It might very well be that the menu runs at 1080p and the game doesn't. I do hope that it's true though.

jmare3839d ago

I know this is off topic but, does anyone still need an MGO beta key? Pm me and it's yours.

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sonarus3839d ago

Yea its true seen it wit ma own eyeeez

Looks like MGS4 may actually run at 1080p and 60fps. If its going to be 60 it better be steady as hell. Don't want it changing back and forth from 60 to 30 either just pick one and make it rock solid

Marceles3839d ago

The PS3 doesn't really force upscale a PS3 game like a PS2 game. It does, but it's forced by the developer and it's not a firmware upscaling. There's many games that say 1080p on the box, but are later figured out that the game is in the instances COD4 and Halo 3. There's a way to figure out the native resolution, but just because your TV says 1080p doesn't mean it really runs at that resolution natively. You can uncheck 720p, but if your TV is 1080p capable it'll run at that resolution, even if 1080p isn't unchecked. But that's cool you can run it at 1080p, it would be cool if it was the game's real resolution also.

issa30323839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

Yeah this game may be 960x1080p native resolution but then it doubles pixels in the horizontal direction to achieve 1920x1080p. This is how Gran Turismo 5 Prologue achieves 1920x1080p with 60fps. Keep in mind that PS3 has a confirmed horizontal upscaler. This is an achievement nonetheless because 960x1080p is 15% higher resolution than native 720P.

sonarus3839d ago

Well i really don't care for 1080p. I'm cool with it running at 720p. As long as it isn't 640p:p

drewdrakes3839d ago

If no one has pixel counted it, then you cant really take it as 1080p. Not that it matters, because right now you think its 1080p and then someone comes out and says its really not, does that information really change how good it looks? Just enjoy the game, who cares.

Statix3839d ago

960x1080 isn't really that great of a resolution. It's about the same number of pixels as 720p (1280x720), just a little more. Certainly, it's not as good as full 1080p.

GT5:P is about halfway between 720p and 1080p with its 1280x1080p resolution.

I would love to see MGS4 and MGO run in native 1920x1080p, or even 1280x1080p, but I highly doubt that's the case.

Glad to be a gamer3839d ago (Edited 3839d ago )

I ended up getting a 32" 720p/1080i 100hz tv due to it being a perfect size for my room and after researching a bit.

Cnet had a reviews on 1080p and 120hz and their benefits. They said that 1080p is only really beneficial on screens bigger than 50" unless your sitting closer than 1 1/2 the screen size due to the human eye perception. I also found Games magazines stating that the diff between the two resolutions is small/negligble to the humane eye.

The 100hz tech basically adds an extra frame between the normal 2 per ? This reduces the effect of blurring while watching sport or fast moving scenes. It works really great but some people may like the motion blur you get in action scenes but for sport its a great feature to have.

What do you think from your experiences on the diff between 1080i and 1080p when playing games?

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DomUltra3839d ago

Very awesome, but this still doesn't solve why the servers are gonna explode on monday lol.

Rob4Vendetta3839d ago

the servers dont stand a chance...there are going to be lots of news of people complaining about lag and that they cant get online...this thing is going to be massive