CVG: Damnation Preview - Damnation somersaults out of nowhere, startles old lady

CVG writes: "The intriguing 'Make Something Unreal' tournament has already given us Red Orchestra, which transformed a bunch of serious modders into people who done a big game.

Now, it's giving filmmakers Blue Omega a chance to make their first game, based on their competition runner-up Damnation: Hell Breaks Loose. Damnation (no subtitle) is a retro-futuristic acrobatic steampunk megablast that's claiming to "take the shooter vertical". Whatever that means.

We're used to vertical play in terms of having to watch out for guys upstairs, but Damnation is promising (boldly, perhaps) to take this to the next level, being set over huge levels that "could take three hours to climb to the top, in real time"."

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