Battlefield 4 beta now available to download on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

El33tonline writes:

"The call to rush to the online warzones of Battlefield 4 has rung out across the Land of the Internet, but will you answer that call? Will you fulfil your destiny and spawn multiple times on Siege of Shanghai in a mission of Conquest and Domination?"

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LonDonE1843d ago

its up on ps3 in europe, anyone who cant find it in the psn store follow these instructions i was given, thanks to mangochutney for such great info on where to find it exactly

On ps3 its in PS3Demos then the shooter category

angelsx1843d ago

Thanks men.I downloading now.1,6gb

zeee1842d ago (Edited 1842d ago )

What is going on? I can't see it anywhere. Can't find it while my friend have already downloaded it.

Edit: Ok, so for some reasons, I couldn't find it on PSN Store, on PS Blog or on my BF3 Premium account (in-game store). My friend told me he found the link on the blog that has since been removed. He had followed the link from the blog that allowed you to 'send the demo to PS3'. Anyway, I then signed into PSN Store again (on my PS3), searched for BF4 and there it was, the new TRY FREE DEMO link and then I clicked it and the download has started. Hopefully, it'll all go smooth from here on. See you all on the battlefield! :)

RVanner_1842d ago

Yeah PC is 5.5GB ish.

Downloaded ready for tonight.

Devilbringer1842d ago

thx i found it there, but theres no Download button :( and it says unavaiable under the picture:/

Skate-AK1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Not live in the US for PS3. 3-7 PM PDT it will be.

MooseWI1843d ago

Oh wow why so late? Anyway, been playing on PC but getting the worst server latency and lag had to stop. Seems like everyone is though. Most people that is.

TekoIie1843d ago

When that tower falls my framerate does the same :/

KiLLeRCLaM1843d ago

working fine for me..Must be the server you're picking make sure you got low latency :P

Reverent1843d ago

@KiLLeR, no, the game is messed up right now. TONS of people are complaining on the forums. Constant lag spikes are common for at least 90% of people playing.

TekoIie1843d ago

Found out what the problem was! Make sure you have the Radeon or Nvidia beta driver.

Runs perfect now :D

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evilbart1843d ago

I found it on the ps store but it just says 'unavailable to purchase'
Do you need to have preordered it or something?

black0o1843d ago

u need to be premium sub

kparks1842d ago

No u need to have a code from medel of honor warfighter u cant get it till the 4th..

titletownrelo1842d ago

You can have either a Premium Sub or a MOHW code to get into the "exclusive" (early access) beta.

kparks1839d ago

Well i had premium and it told me to wait till the 4th so whatever!

Cogan11843d ago

Well that was obscure to find! You have to go to the all demos part of the demos section of ps store to locate it. Doesn't show on the main latest demos page.

harbie1842d ago

Thanks that helped me find it :)

kaozgamer1843d ago

feels like bf3.5. graphics havent changed much apart from higher res textures. for people with a 7870 expect an average of 35-45 fps in that city map.
cant really comment on gameplay because i havent played enough of it yet. the map design (city) is kinda cool.

Reverent1843d ago

Try playing it on PC. The game is freaking beautiful. If you can get passed the horrible frame-rate drops that are plaguing it at the moment.

annus1843d ago

Unless the consoles magically now have a 7870 and can see their framerate I'd say kaozgamer is gaming on a PC.

kaozgamer1843d ago

Yep I played this on pc. maxed out. Yeah I keep getting random frame drops as well.

HeyImBen111843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

... hes talking about a 7870 and 35-45 fps so he'sobviously talking about the pc version.

Kleptic1843d ago (Edited 1843d ago )

Have you tried the beta driver updates? Not sure about Nvidia, but the AMD catalyst update is said to help with AMD cpu scaling for the beta...

the frame drops are most likely cpu scaling related...not your I don't know if nvidia drivers will fix this for guys with different cards...but if you're running an AMD cpu, the catalyst suite update is helping according to some guys on battlelog...

I'm only a premium member on PS3, and i'm not bothering pre-ordering that special addition or whatever for PC...just getting straight up pc version and i have to wait until friday to try out the pc beta....

FullmetalAlchemist1842d ago

I've been playing it on pc in ultra settings and it literally looks just like bf3. Not that bf3 looks bad or anything its just not leaps and bounds above it like some people are making it out to be.

Vladplaya1842d ago

What game are you playing? The game does not look any better than BF3. Just slightly different models and textures, but its about the same, heck I think weapons look worse compared to BF3.

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asmith23061842d ago

BF3.5, more like 2.5. Dunno why you got downvoted, you are correct. On PS3 the graphics are TERRIBLE. Doesn't play too well either. It just froze up on me there. Back to BF3 until BF4 comes out on PS4, hope its a lot better on PS4.

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