Exclusive: Interview with Derek Bloom of From First To Last

Gamertell interviews Derek Bloom, drummer for recording artists From First To Last (FFTL).

FFTL will be featured in the upcoming boxing game Facebreaker, currently in development by EA Canada.

In the interview, Bloom admits knowing little about the game but that he and most of the group are gamers:

"Like our singer [Matt Good] is into World of Warcraft, guitarist [Travis Richter] who loves playing on the Wii and then I'm into first-person games. The first one I got into was Lost Planet for the 360 and right now I'm playing Dark Sector. We're trying to lure the bassist [Matt Manning] into gaming. We're all into gaming and stuff so when we heard about doing a potential publishing deal with EA we got real excited."

The interview also includes 3 MP3 samples from songs that will be featured on the Facebreaker soundtrack and a music video.

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