‘Madden NFL 25′ Next Gen Video

Sports Center debuted the first look at Madden NFL 25 on Xbox One and PS4 earlier today. In the video above, a much clearer representation of the game can be seen

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theWB273949d ago

Sorry Sportscenter...I love ya...but that wasn't next gen footage.

badboy7763949d ago

NFL 2K please come back!!!!!!!!!!

Tony-Red-Grave3949d ago

There's still a small following who play NLF2K5 and update the rosters/stats accordingly. Heavily recommend buying it

minimur123949d ago

dat animation.... bit stiff/ robot like :/

jeffgoldwin3949d ago

NFL wont allow it. They announced a while back they are only licensing their product to Madden.

Yodagamer3949d ago

They should get a hold of the NCAA license since they dropped ea. It wouldn't be as big sales wise, but I'll be very happy to see 2k football return.

3-4-53949d ago

Sony or Nintendo or Microsoft can make their own NFL game if they wanted to.

Saigon3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )


They can make it, but they can't use the license; They would have to make a random game with the mechanics. unless they are able to pull the NCAA license, which I doubt they would do, because they do not want the same fiasco as what happened to EA.

Leio3948d ago

Football >>>>>> Handegg

mikeslemonade3948d ago

Stupid gamer nerds like soccer more. It figures.. Typical..

DoctorJones3948d ago (Edited 3948d ago )

Sports are more interesting when they are named after what you do in the sport.

Maybe that's why Football is the most popular sport on the planet. Much more than the American version of Rugby.

Wescyde3948d ago

The NFL EA Contract ends after this current season so they would have to renew or they could strike a deal for an NFL2K comeback as well.

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Kevin263853949d ago

I am an EA SPORTS Game Changer and am following the news. Looks like Sportscenter might have made an error.

Cueil3949d ago

bad job on uploading video

GiggMan3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Next year we will see next gen sports titles. Everything now is being developed side by side with current gen.

MLB the Show next year for PS4 will be the beginning of next gen sports if you ask me but 2k14 for PS4/XB1 is looking good also.

theWB273949d ago

The Show...wholly crap I know that game will look and play great. I can't say I wholly disagree with you about it being the start of next gen sports titles.

I shudder to think what will be done on the PS4 with that title. The Show was the first title I bought for my PS3. Only skipped the last two iterations.

GiggMan3949d ago

@WB... The Fight Night series with Ryse quality characters would also be awesome.

theWB273949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Sadly they aren't developing Fight Night...instead strictly with UFC for the forseeable future.

The vid was just updated. The animations were a little let down. It's also the little things that count...like how the helmet is separate at the 34 sec mark.

gedden73948d ago

Umm did you see NBA 2k14 Nex Gen? NO????

Yeah didn't think so...
WATCH THAT NOW... At 1080p and remember it runs @ 60 FPS.. Just Saying.

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Omegasyde3949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

Its next gen -- Here's how to tell.

Look at the fans in the audience. They are no longer SUPER pixalated, the fans now are Less Than SUPER pixalated.

Besides that, the animation look like current gen. EA next gen games (first outings mind you) look like crap and seems to be a tradition.

FamilyGuy3948d ago

Just not impressed with these graphics, I'm not seeing much of a jump. Even the sub-surface light scattering on the skin mentioned in the video isn't as realistic looking as it is in other next gen games.

Maybe I'm expecting too much :/

Whatever happened to all those old arcadey sports titles like NFL Blitz? Is there anything like that still in existence?

LoneWolf0193949d ago (Edited 3949d ago )

This isnt to you directly @theWB27


theWB273949d ago

Even so..I kinda agree. Love Fifa. Haven't bought Madden in over 4 years. It may change again next gen...but love Fifa.

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Ps4Console3948d ago

Are EA really going to throw all the consoles power into this game ? No because every year they add to the game & while the hardcore continue to pre-order they're Ps4's & Xbox Ones the vast majority will not be upgrading there consoles next year so it makes sense for EA keep the cost down while still keeping there fans .

BillytheBarbarian3948d ago

Madden, still broken since 2006.

kparks3948d ago

When has madden been anything but underwhelming?

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Kevin263853949d ago

People are comparing this to current gen and there are differences. Also, EA SPORTS official account retweeted Sportscenter...it looks like it is next-gen.

ricochetmg3949d ago

I bought madden and I must say....its okay.