Where Grand Theft Auto 5 Went Wrong

Continually pushing the bounds, where does it stop for Grand Theft Auto 5?

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Sam Fisher2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Nothing went wrong, just R* has their foot so far up their a$$, they became a real star

GarrusVakarian2665d ago

Not releasing at launch for next gen, and a PC release same time as consoles is where GTA5 went wrong.

Fasttrack762665d ago

I think it's what we call epic fail online

GarrusVakarian2665d ago

Its not a fail for the people who ARE playing online. A little silly of R* to not anticipate that there would be this much server stress? Yes. Annoying that there was a 2 week gap inbetween SP and MP and it still doesn't work for some people? Yes. But to expect things to be smooth as butter for a project this big is a little naive in my opinion.

Sam Fisher2665d ago

No you're right but a project this big you'd be prepare for anything big.... Sooo, yea.....

steve30x2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Rockstar said there will be problems with GTA Online so there is nothing failing about it. They will fix it.

@ Lukas_Japonicus : Whats new. If gamers dont get what they want with the past few years then they declare war on the developers every time. This happens every single time.

GarrusVakarian2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

You should go over to the GTA5 forums, oh man, they act like this is the end of the world.

Don't get me wrong, im annoyed. But i half expected this at the same time. R* have never been pro's with the online aspect of games, to expect them to deal with this amount of demand when they sold more games than Black Ops, is a little silly in my opinion.

Play the SP, go outside, play something else, DO something else. It will be fixed soon.

Edit: reports from the forums now saying that its working for PS3, slowly things are being sorted out, 24 hours after release is pretty impressive, the people who whined seem so silly now.

steve30x2665d ago

GTA V didnt go wrong. It almost everything I wanted in a GTA game. I was expecting a much bigger map , I was expecting the elements og GTA III where I take over crime bosses and own their houses afterwards and I was expecting to be able to buy houses and apartments in single player , but I still dont think it went wrong.

calin10102665d ago

You closed your eyes when trevor tortured the guy?... pussy

GarrusVakarian2665d ago

That is laughable, what the hell do people expect from a GTA?