OXM UK: Universe At War: Earth Assault Review

OXM UK writes: "Famously, real-time strategy games and consoles have never really been comfortable with each other. Although a couple of RTS games have been released on the 360 - Command & Conquer 3 and Lord Of The Rings: Battle For Middle Earth II spring to mind - both of them, whilst enjoyable, still feel a bit odd. It's the sort of genre that feels more at home with a mouse than a joypad.

And so, with Universe At War, developer Petroglyph Games has decided to try its hand at disproving the theory that RTS games just don't feel right on consoles. So, mission accomplished? Not exactly...

The game itself is your standard RTS fare: put in charge of one "side" of a battle, you have to develop your resources and figure out an attack plan in order to defeat the other "side". It just so happens that in this case, with the exception of the very first level (where you're in control of a group of soldiers), each "side" is a race of beings from another planet. You know... just to make things interesting."

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