Valkyria Chronicles shots and movie show turn for the odd

Sega's released some new screens and a video of PS3 RPG Valkyria Chronicles, and the entire thing appears to have taken a turn for the bizarre. A new character, Selvaria Bles, is seen wielding some kind of phallic death sword and glowing blue. God knows what's going on with that. The game comes out at the end of the month in Japan and in Europe this autumn.

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Rick Astley3837d ago

She appears to be on the "enemy's" side. She's like their special weapon. The last trailer I saw had her dodging missiles and smacking them outta the way with that huge drill-like thing. God I want this game. It's releasing in Japan soon so I'm hoping for a demo.

cellypower3837d ago

Day one for me when this comes out.

nutjuice3837d ago

The engine is nice on this one. It's good to see something new.