PS4 at Eurogamer: FIFA 14 PlayStation 4 Gameplay

Nathan gets his hands on FIFA 14 on the PlayStation 4 at Eurogamer.

Toman853853d ago

Looking good even when they are filming off camera and only 720p.
Since Xbox One didnt come to Norway in 2013, when on E3 they had a big list of countries and yes Norway was in there. But a new backtrack happen.
So PS4 gonna get all multiplatform games until Xbox One arrives in Norway.

abzdine3853d ago

i am sorry but i must be the only one who thinks that this game is no true evolution os the series, especially to new hardware.

First off, the players faces aren't that impressive and the grass looks fake.
If you look at the animations i dont see a single improvement from FIFA13 PS3. AI is still retard, when a player loses the ball out of a collision he is uncontrolable for a second or two, or if the ball is heading outside the line there is no realistic reaction from the player to save it from going out..
the physics engine is laughable, i am amazed we are still seeing things like this on next gen:
check Bale's legs -_-'

Waiting for a next gen PES...

Psychotica3853d ago

I wasn't all that impressed with the visuals but I guess the question is how does it perform compared to the PS3? I had heard that the PS3 was a little laggy in some areas.

Pintheshadows3853d ago

The menu are like navigating treacle and the stuttering that has been present for 4 years is still there. I wouldn't trust FIFA 14 on the new consoles either considering how it ususally is on new consoles.

Pintheshadows3853d ago

Okay, the grass is ridiculous.


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lptmg2163d ago

International Superstar Soccer 98 is still my fav


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PoSTedUP3356d ago

i liked 99' for N64 the most and 07'-08' for Xbox were great.


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