Will Xbox 360 And Mods Ever Mix? wrote: Unfortunately I'm starting to believe that won't happen, in other words Microsoft won't do anything about this, and it really is up to Microsoft to make that change. My hopes aren't that great since Chris Satchell in an interview to Eurogamer had this to say in relation to mods "That's really where we've got stuck - making sure that nothing will hurt the user's system, and I'm a little disturbed when I think about other systems and people using what we call native code - code that goes right down to the metal - and then allowing people to run script mods on top of that without the right security measures. It could be really dangerous." I sincerely hope Microsoft manages to get themselves unstuck where mods are concerned.

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Lord Vader3927d ago

Never happen. xbl = Closed network.

CurlUpAndDie3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

i wish because i love to tinker with electronics. But like what Lord Vader says "closed network" thats for sure.

SEiGHTan3927d ago

The problem with mods is an obvious one. Most exploits of existing systems include things like loading duff save games or other data in order to overflow buffers and allow hostile code execution. Allowing mods on xbox live would be a security nightmare. It's a nice tight system with few security issues and MS won't want to open up a huge backdoor like this.

kewlkat0073927d ago

it's all up to MS and their network, it has nothing to do with feasibility.

Finch3927d ago (Edited 3927d ago )

I also believe MS better do something to make this happen! Yet at the same time i would rather see game devs start making editors for there games! They could do it one of two ways or both, add the editor right on the game disc or sell a game editor disc by itself to make your mods right on the x360/PS3. This will also keep everything MS is worried about at bay and there for no reason to hold mods back. The XNA user store is about to go live very soon. Though this is going to be heavily watch by MS. They still could add in a open zone for edited games (Maps, game types or what not) you make with your games with a game editor. It will be a closed editor and can only do what they like you to do. So haven a open zone to share your work shouldn't be so bad! If more games where like FarCry with a map editor i would be more than happy to do without a totaly open mod support for now on the x360. MS could even support (sell) add ons to make skins or what not. With a disc with some kind of 3D Studio MAX x360 version and file share. Maybe it will be simple for the most part, but if they could just keep things simple. With a map editor, game type editors and some kind of skin maker. That you can do all from the x360 i would be sold. Thats if game devs don't jump on a game editor on the game disc or sold on another disc. I mean really you already have to buy another disc on the PC just to mod on the PS3 plus add on stuff to do more. Just need to get the game devs on board to supply a editor and maybe some kind of MS support with file share and you would be just as good almost!