LIVE on LIVE 29.5 Halloween Special - EA and the Market Place: a SCARY thought.

Topics Included!

EA or the gamer: Who dictates the marketplace?
Gears of War Trailer: What's so cool about it?
Rainbow Six VEGAS: Better than GoW?
Xbox Live SILVER Accounts "useless": Says who?
PS3 and Wii have web browsers: Will the 360 follow?
What are the top 3 games this Holiday? Viva La Frenzy!
AND whatever else the conversation brings up!

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darktangent4461d ago

I like the questions that are being asked with the exception of the one about a 360 browser. I just think that M$ is just too big of a target for its enemies. I hope that if a browser update was ever to come about, you would have the option of choosing if you wanted it or not.