Microsoft: Sony's late to the core gamer party

In an interview with Next-Gen, Xbox 360 group product manager Aaron Greenberg reckons Sony's a little late to the core demographic party and is essentially now trying to steal 360 gamers.

"I think the type of audience that [Sony is] going after with many of those games, frankly, are Xbox 360 owners," he said, talking of the likes of MGS4, LittleBigPlanet and GT5.

"They're trying to go after a consumer that has already bought an Xbox 360, which frankly has a much broader lineup with more titles and more exclusives. You could say that [Sony] showed up with too little, too late."

After NPD data last night showed Microsoft narrowly outsold PS3 in the US last month, Greenberg was in a confident mood.

"I think the battle for the core user is sort of over...

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MURKERR3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

he definately caught some sort of diesease,out of all the terrible pr speeches microsoft have given this one has topped the lot,i smell fear thats why there pimping the advertisng for a third party multi-plat game called gta4 like their life depends on it!

today my friends microsoft have officially lost the plot!

Mr_Bun3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Your avatar...isn't that the guy from Flesh Gordon? If so...Nice!...What the hell was his name again?

@kevin...Thanks...figured it couldn't be from a movie as old as Flesh Gordon...still, anyone know the main villain in that movie?

kevin11223835d ago

that avatar is from big trouble little china.

Feihc Retsam3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Gamers that I consider Hardcore couldn't wait to get their hands on a Next Gen console.
When the news got out that the PS3 was going to miss its spring release, and in fact, come out nearly a year after the Xbox360, many of those "hardcore gamers" emptied their piggy banks and bought an Xbox360.

I loved the PS2.. GT3/4, MGS2, God of War... But I wasn't going to hold out until SONY decided it was ready to deliver the PS3, so I bought an Xbox360, and I've been playing the sh*t out of it ever since...
I was supremely impressed with XboxLive after struggling online on the PS2 with SOCOM... So The Xbox360 has a permanent place in my entertainment rack.
I own a PS3 now, but I've only had it for about 6 months, and it doesn't get much play time... I'm waiting for GT5, and MGS, and the next Team ICO game to get my quality time with the PS3...

So, yes, the hardcore scene goes to the Xbox360... I buy all of my multiplats on the 360

Captain Tuttle3835d ago

Sony does it as well...remember 4D gaming and 120 fps? Or how about "The PS3 is a super computer"?

Genesis53835d ago

Yeah this missed out on the core gamer. That's why there is over 150 million people playing games on the Playstation brand.

Feihc Retsam3835d ago

But about six dozen on the Playstation 3.

Attach rate says it all.
Everyone is snatching up the PS3 as a cheap blu ray player, or to throw into a cluster as a cheap super-computing architecture... SONY still can't get its customers to buya lot of games...

Pain3835d ago

is PS3 Not A Core/Gamer/hardcore/Elite/ect all rolled in to 1 anyways?

MURKERR3835d ago

be careful my avatar could haunt your dreams

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whoelse3835d ago

There around 18 million 360s and over 120 million PS2s. They think Sony is wasting their time because they are targeting people who already have an Xbox and yet more current PS2 owners don't even have a current-gen console.

To me, it sounds like they are worried about Sony.

Sez 3835d ago

and most of those 120mil ps2 sold are repeat buyers. not 125mil ppl that own ps2. i know for sure i owned 3.

Wildarmsjecht3835d ago

and a good chunk of those 18 mill 360s could have been repeat buyers as well before the 3 year warranty came into place, or if it doesnt cover it because its not a RROD issue. I think everyone knows that there aren't exactly 120-125 million ps2 owners, but rather those owners bought the console again when it was cheaper for friends and family, or to have a second one if it crapped or something. The number of people isn't really the issue, but rather the number of units. For MS to say taht Sony is late to the party cuz of the core gamer however, is fairly ignorant. If that were the case those "18 million" 360 owners wouldn't be buying a ps3 as well, and the sales difference between the 2 would not be what it is now in terms of a monthly basis. From selling considerably less than the PS3 for the first couple of months, to selling JUST over it with 5000 units doesn't show any signs of what they're trying to claim. All it shows is that both systems are selling considerably well, both still have a ways to go, and theres no clear cut winner when it comes to the core audience or the heavily sought after "120 million" ps2 owners.

justgamez3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

Petrified. Right now they are on PR overload trying to spin anything they can in their favor. Not that you can blame them since they are now the ones under the gun with the media instead of Sony.

Vega75 I own 3 360's and 2 PS3's so what was your point again?
You think I am the only one? I have several friends that own more than one next gen console. Most of us have separate gaming and theater rooms. Sometimes I feel like playing it on the big screen and others the REALLY big screen.

Hatchetforce3835d ago

That is quite the ridiculous remark Vega. Issues with the PS2 are not even close to the problems on the 360. And MS has received a free ride from many people. It is one of the reasons I am glad that clown Dan Hsu is leaving 1Up. When he was editor of EGM they put a PS3 on the cover with a tomato smackeded against it. A mere 5 months after launch and they were attacking it.

Yet with a performance record that is more than triple the previous worst in the industry, you never saw a 360 with a RROD on the cover. More people were screwed out of money by that - and will be screwed this year yet thanks to Dan "I take payoff from MS" Hsu that went largely unpublicized. It's why EGM is a rag and will always be a rag.

MS has used their PR to silently downplay titles like Uncharted. That game is a landmark achievement and the best game last year yet it was kept away from any GOTY nominations. Heavenly Sword? Greatest voice over and acting in a game to date. It received the same silent sabotage. This has happened repeatedly with PS3 titles. Yet a game like Bioshock with quite frankly rudimentary AI gets lauded. Anyone can do insane AI. But try creating AI that mimics human behavior. Bioshock doesn't come close.

MS has to be given credit for their PR machine. They have screwed tons of customers out of money yet people take it in the rear and just keep smiling. It makes me laugh to realize their are so many spineless gamers that let a company take advantage of them.

This guy is the worst type of liar - just like Shane Kim. They not only say things so full of deceit, but the worst part is their stories are so transparent they believe the public is idiotic enough to believe them. And in many cases they are right.

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Lumbo3835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

As "theSadTruth"es garbage was deleted by a mod, and rightly so ill drop my post, no use in keeping it up

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v1c1ous3835d ago

yet everyone was praising sony when just last month they said "Microsoft punched themselves out of the console race"

welcome to PR goofs. it's not company exclusive.

ikiru33853835d ago (Edited 3835d ago )

yeah, that was a PR mistake on Sony's part. this console race is far, far from over. there are still the 100+ million PS2 owners who haven't upgraded yet so i dunno what this MS guy is talking about when he says that sony is tapping into the xbox audience with sony's big releases.

3835d ago
ikiru33853835d ago

@ edonus

there would be a great probability that the majority of hardcore ps2 gamers (by your definition) that would upgrade to a ps3. the ones that love their metal gears, gran turismos, god of wars, and other franchises that made the sony brand so recognizable.

beans3835d ago

I'm curious just how many copies has GOD of War2 sold, Metal Gear and any other big names on PS2 because I'm sure that those gamers already purchased a PS3! PS2 was always about the amount of games they offered and now it appears that 360 is about the games now which got me thinking that when 360 has a price drop and gets really cheap it's going to start to really really sell just like PS2 did!

whoelse3835d ago

Sony had a point. This Microsoft guy doesn't.

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