The Pressure To Create The Perfect Controller

"Behind the scenes, Nintendo was busy preparing their next generation console codenamed “Dolphin” which would later be renamed to GameCube. Part of that preparation included designing a brand new controller. Reactions to the Nintendo 64′s controller were mixed — it received praise for revolutionizing controls for 3D movement, but it was also criticized for being too large and uncomfortable.

Speaking to the press in 1999, Shigeru Miyamoto said, “The major problem is that the Japanese user says that the N64 controller is too big and the American user says it’s the appropriate size.”", writes Dromble.

GarrusVakarian3528d ago (Edited 3528d ago )

Gamecube and Xbox 360 controllers are the best controllers ever made in my opinion.

Dem gamecube triggers + dem 360 handles =

GrizzliS19873527d ago

gamecube by far. if you ever gamed on a professional level in smash bros melee, youd know how much of a weapon that control felt like when it was in your hands

Demobot3527d ago

Unfortunately 99% of gamers have never played pro. So I'll take the 360 controller over all others.

TheGrimReaper00113527d ago (Edited 3527d ago )

And then we got the wii controller and I gotta say.
I hate the wii controller. I never feel comfortable holding the controller.

3-4-53527d ago

1.) Xbox 360
2.) Gamecube
3.) SNES

jgrigs093527d ago

ugh I miss the gamecube :(

BOWZER353527d ago

GameCube and 360 were the best. I have to see what the PS4 controller fuss is all about.

MisfitsInc3527d ago

the Gamecube and 360 controllers are almost the same thing IMO