J-Stars Victory VS Battle System Information

J-Sars Victory VS has a unique battle system. It’s not just depleting the opponent’s health meter, it’s also raising your teams win guage! These images and translations explain how the battle system works. Also included are two stage translated images. Enjoy!

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Snookies122987d ago

Wonder what the Bleach stage will be...

kratoz12092986d ago

Give Me Pegasus Saint :D
oh and hopefully someone from Attack on Titan would be cool.

Does Shonen Jump own those titles?

thepatientgamer2986d ago

Now if we could only get this localized in the US...

EXVirtual2986d ago

Licensing issue are a huge problem with cross overs. Due to this, localization is hard as hell. It's to the point that I was surprised that the west got Project X Zone.