Giant new Soul Calibur IV shots and art gallery

VG247: Ubi just sent over more than 50 shots and pieces of full-size artwork from the upcoming Soul Calibur IV, now confirmed for a July 31 release in Europe. The art for any Soul Calibur game is always incredible, and this time is no exception. Most of it's is new, from the look of it, so take a look after the link.

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InMyOpinion3862d ago

This is what a next gen fighting game should look like(and probably play like)!

kadosho3862d ago

My only problem with Soul Calibur, its all cosmetic. Although I enjoyed the early entries in the series, I'm not into it as I used to be. The main thing that bugs me is that no one dies (weapon collision to body = bleeding or instant death). This is not Tekken, Project Soul has done all they can (online finally?). I am not convinced that SCIV is nextgen, it feels like its keeping to its roots too much.

What would be nextgen? No holding back, and a more coherent storyline.
Then maybe I might get into Soul Calibur, but this isn't grabbing me like it used to.

Reibooi3862d ago

There is no denying that SC IV is one of the prettiest games around. I really hope the game play holds up well and the online functions well.

KingKirchner3862d ago

can't wait. Soul Calibur and Smash Bros. are my 2 favorite fighting games, and both coming out in one year! I already got SSBB for my Wii and will get SC4 for PS3.