Xbox 360 almost burns down house

In Little Rock, Arkansas, investigators believe that a residential fire Monday afternoon was caused by an Xbox 360 console.

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Rick Astley3925d ago


Good job Microsoft.

Sayai jin3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Blame a fire on MS. Even if it was the the 360 it could have been several reasons, like hooking up a 360 to a power supply with two many other applaince and/or electronic devices. Or from the article...

According to investigators, the source of the fire was traced to the power cord of an Xbox 360.

“It was melted and it looked like they had it against the wall in on edge and things like that need a little space to dissipate heat,” Little Rock Fire Department Captain Jason Weaver said.

Hmmmm. electronic products that require heat put in with no room to dissipate heat. Does not take a rocket scientist not to do this.
Like they say could have or they believe. The person below me is right, flamebait and the person above me is try to add fuel to the fire.

Ben10543925d ago

Are you tellin me that the xbox 360 cable would melt if you put it next to a wall beause it heats up????
wow a cable over heating, lol

marinelife93925d ago

I wonder if that still qualifies for the RROD warranty? Good thing no one was home.

Nyko needs to come out with a foam suppressant intercooler.

Dreamworker3925d ago

batteries from sony blowing up in laptops big recall a year ago. Mr big mouth.

Sayai jin3925d ago

@Ben1054-No, I am saying if you have any electronic device you should give it ample room to ventilate, especially ones that dissapte a lot of heat.

dan-boy3925d ago

a nice little piece of crap article to cheer up all the ps3 fanboys after the npd results!!!

this site is ridiculous!

XBOX 3603925d ago

Yeah, we need cheering up after we got outsold by 5,000 units ... in THE US. Let's take a look at worldwide sales: 360 obliterated. Looks like someone needs to be "cheered up."

dan-boy3925d ago

lol what quality! and it needs to do more than obliterate it. 100k a month more world-wide(provided it's even that much), is not gonna be eating into the 8mil cushion that microsoft has anytime soon is it! it needs to overkill it, with wii type figures! it's lucky for sony that the 360 is dead in japan!

sammy_mantra3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

and some people in US still buys that console??


It is around 500k considering that GT5P boosted PS3 sales in EUrope by atleast 100k. so in total the difference would be as high as 400k/500k if you add europe and Japan

PS3 outsells x360 by atleast 2x in europe per week. You can look at the weekly charts of Spain/France/Germany/Italy for evidence.

in ITAY for instance GT5P sold 32k copies last week and was the top selling title on the charts . The only x360 title managed 1.5k copies RB6V.

In France/Germany /Spain you wont ever find an x360 game on the charts

The difference is just 5/6m at the moment.

It is lucky for SONY that X360 is dead in both EUROPE and JAPAN. You clearly read the MCVUK article which said that X360 got outsold by PS3 even during the week where it had the price cut.

I am talking about UK cuz X360 wont make impact in other EU regions

wallace10003925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Why is everyone disagreeing with Sayai jin? It sounds like they had the power supply pushed back against the wall behind the console. The console and power supply need air flow. I have mine on different shelves on my TV stand to give them lots of air. This person sounds like one of those fools that puts their console on carpet. Some of the fanboys on this site are just ridiculous, i think it is time for you guys to give your heads a shake. You know who you are.

vvvv Nice example bababrooks, i just hope 360 owners don't stoop to the idiotic low that several sony fans have reached already in this thread. This site is starting to give some merit to the saying "The problem with the gene pool is that there is no lifeguard and the shallow end is much too large"

bababrooks3925d ago

Rick, google this (Dell, Sony knew of battery fire danger 10 months ago)what do you think of that?

good job sony.

dan-boy3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

your talking out of your backside mate... 400 or 500k a month more lolololol again for such ridiculous, outlandish rubbish that your talking.

it's about that in TOTAL worldwide a month! my god man!

sony would love to be outselling microsoft like that world-wide every month. pull you head out of the sand mate please. sorry in advance if i've offended you lol.

microsoftsux0rz3925d ago

if they bot a PS3 It WoODnt Bern down house DuH

GooD joZB M$soft

marinelife93925d ago

PS3 outsold 360 by over 140,000 units in Europe alone last month.

I had a really good math teacher in Kinder Care. I still got her number if you need it.

dantesparda3925d ago

You 360 fanboys never cease to amaze me. Are you people crazy or something? no consumer device is that sensitive! NONE! Come on! get your heads out of your a$$e$. Anyways, keep on defending this sh!t and youse will continue to get exactly what youse deserve. Next time somebody may get killed (who knows, it may even be you). The system is ridiculously sensitive and is just badly made, period!

Nevers3924d ago

Sayin Jin... you are so right. It's funny... the ignorance that abounds on this site regarding commonly known risk factors for electronics. Next they'll disagree with you about the safety of taking your console (of choice) with you into bathtub.

killax35633924d ago

It burns down people's houses while they are at school and at work.

Sayai jin3924d ago

Nevers and wallace1000 - This is the reality of this site. Its become useless to have an intelligent and unbiased dialog. You can make an ubiased and clear statement and get the fanboys disagreeing like crazy with no explanation and those who reply do not even have a legit statement. This site is getting worse and worse.

dantesparda - Who are you proclaiming to be a fanboy? Hmmm, if you are refering to me I am far from it. I am a gamer that owns the three current systems and enjoy them all. I have never left a biased comment, bet you can not say the same, thats what many consider a fanboy. I would have made the same comment if it was about the PS3. Secondly, it does not seem you know to much about electronics. Ask any electrician, electric engineer, etc about not properly ventilating a high current, high heat emitting, etc electronic device and they will tell you that you run a very high risk of causing damaged to the equimpent, fire, etc. But, you know what do I know, I giess my 4 years at U of T and getting my bachelors in electronic engineering moeans nothing.

dan-boy3924d ago

you better get that maths teachers number then...coz 140k does'nt plus the extra in japan does'nt quite rach 400 or 500K?? and where was the link saying that the 360 was in defecit by 140K vgchartz are just estimates dont you know??!! lol

dantesparda3924d ago (Edited 3924d ago )

Hm, for somebody who supposedly knows their electronics, you sure as hell dont seem to notice just how unusually sensitive the 360 is to these things. And its also funny how you took the fanboy comment the hardest. You insecure much about that ? And i dont know my electronics!? Ha! Your funny kid, keep making assumptions. The 360 is the most disgustingly sensitive system i have ever seen. PERIOD!!! No other consumer device is so fragile. The system is just always a warm breeze of air away from breaking down, face it! I should know, Im only on my 4th system!

And im not a fanboy of either system, i just dont like the 360 fanboys that's all. Check my gamertag and you'll see how long I've had the 360 for. And i notice that the 360 fanboys just keep continuing to skip around the issue and make excuses.

samfk3924d ago

ridiculous fanboyism gone mad !! shock horror mosquito kills with maleria please get a grip!!

Sayai jin3924d ago

Dantesparda - Nope, I just do not like being labeled a fanboy as I own all three systems. When you make comments like the most sensitive device ever, your credibility is shot, as your bubble count speaks for itself. Do you know how many devices have been created? As far as you being on your 4th console, sucks to be you. I still have my two original launch 360 and have nad no problems. Hmmm, not making excuses, becuase I only own a 360 and I do not own stock in MS. I would have made the same statement if a lame article was posted about it too. Look at my profile I own all three system nd have no biased at all and fanboys do not bother me until I see ridiculous comments made by them and I hold all fanboys in the same light.

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Fishy Fingers3925d ago

No evidence it was his 360 that caused the fire... ?

Flame bait article. Pun intended.

Lucreto3925d ago

It looks like one of those cases they know the 360 problem and have just a quick look and blame it on the first thing they see.

A good example is Jack Tompson believes games are the cause of these shootings and he goes looking for them in the offenders home and if they have them there is the cause.

sammy_mantra3925d ago

you dont have to defend MS when neutral investigators dont do it

KingME3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

First off, I memory servers me well the recall for the xbox power cord was for the regular xbox and not the 360. And it was for 360 made before later 2003. I story is pure BS and appears to be more anti-microsoft propaganda.

Link to the power cord issue below. (try reading the article an not just look at any pictures you may see on the page.)

Once again, I call shenanigans.

BTW, the house in the picture isn't worth 40,000 yet alone have 100,000 in damages. Notice the burnt stuff under the overhand, yet there's no evidence of smoke, or any other fire damage to the exterior of the building. This sh!t is garbage.

leon763925d ago

.......No surprise, unfortunely......

iAmPS33925d ago

I have been saying this for so long.
Nazisoft wants YOU.... DEAD to populate the fires of hell. LOL

Sir Ken Kutaragi 13925d ago

Another satisfied xBox 360 Customer!!! ;-D ;-D ;-D

iMad3925d ago

Thats because people share their review on XBOX 360 to their friends and there is only positive reviews. If there is would be about 30% RRODs current 360 sales won't be possible. So people to people opinions is the main reason people still buy 360. Imagine what sales would have been if it was not so faulty.

XBOX 360 problems does not make PS3 better. they just hurts theirselfs. But that is still can't hide the fact what 360 and their games overall are better gaming expiriense. People still buy it. And sales will only grow up when RROD wiil be solved compleatly.

HarryEtTubMan3925d ago

People by Xbox 360 more tahn PS3 now??

COME BACK TO REALITY XBOT. PS3 IS KILLING the 3fixme in sales in ever country all over the world.

PS3 is winning in sales in America so far this year... and came NECK AND NECK with a crappy ROOD 250$ in March NPD. Xbox 360 didn't win or even stop the PS3's lead....and in Europe and Japan Xbxo 360 is getting destoryed... PS3 i still 400-500$ and just don't worry bro.

Xbox 360 is going to come in DEAD LAST...6th PLACE by the end of this generation... Sony isn't even TRYING to win yet, douche.hhhahahhaahahhahhahaha But they still are.

tehReaper3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

PS3 is in the lead? Hmm. Pigs must be flying, hell must be freezing over, and Oprah & Dr. Phil must of had a love child because the last time I checked, it was dead last.

It's common sense for the PS3 to be selling because it's NEWER than the 360. The way you Sony fanboys talk the PS3 up, it should of surpassed the 360 by now. But wait, has it?

Too bad, so sad.

Ohh yeah, and Sir Ken Kutaragi: Stop playing with your own balls and go get Sony's balls back in your mouth where they belong you little douche bag.

Pain3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

Suck's!? should have bought that PS3 would still have a HOME!!!!

@imad '1.3 - So why people still buy xbox more than PS3?' they buying 2nd box to replace 1st.

and @dem0n oh u silly kid NPD data hurts that much eh ?

'PS3 is in the lead? Hmm. Pigs must be flying, hell must be freezing over, and Oprah & Dr. Phil must of had a love child because the last time I checked, it was dead last.'

--Only in America kid.

It's common sense for the PS3 to be selling because it's NEWER than the 360. The way you Sony fanboys talk the PS3 up, it should of surpassed the 360 by now. But wait, has it? -

--um look at the NPD its happing right now to bad u blind.

Too bad, so sad. u bought a Xbox 2?

Ohh yeah, and Sir Ken Kutaragi: Stop playing with your own balls and go get Sony's balls back in your mouth where they belong you little douche bag.

- spoken like a true Xbox Fan

ForTheFallen3924d ago

At least Sony has a d!ck....

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CyberSentinel3925d ago (Edited 3925d ago )

“It was melted and it looked like they had it against the wall in on edge and things like that need a little space to dissipate heat,” Little Rock Fire Department Captain Jason Weaver said.

p.s. I would not call that trailer trash shack, a house.

Nice FUD lemmings.

NPD numbers for "MAY" are gonna crush little lemming hearts.

Phil Harrison Mklll3925d ago

On that GTA4 Ad for the xFlop 360 they should of had the song -
'Firestarter' By The Prodigy! :D

n4gzz3925d ago

you are an asshole. trailer house is not trash. 360 is trash.

tehReaper3925d ago

No you STFU meanie. LOLZ

sammy_mantra3925d ago

you know it very well that X360 is a defective console that doesnt live long

This is why it is the least selling console in the world

No sane person could buy X360 ---a worthless piece of S***

Mr PS33925d ago

Were do you come up with these crappy names
Man your a PS3 fan !!
On your next account try to create a name that tells every Xbot SUCKA which side your on
Just like for instance Mr PS3

dan-boy3925d ago

i ask again, do you not feel just a little bit like a saddo, loser, loner when you log in with one account, talk crap, then log in with another and talk more fud?????

that is one of the saddest things i've come across ever!!

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