PALGN: Universe at War: Earth Assault Review - A good strategy for 360 owners?

PALGN writes: "The real-time strategy game (the RTS) has been attempting to make the transition to consoles for decades now. Ever since early attempts like Starcraft for the Nintendo 64, it's been clear that the transition wouldn't be easy. Most, if not all RTS games for consoles have suffered from the overwhelming feeling that despite their designer's best efforts, it'd just be easier to whip out a keyboard and mouse. Because of this, we've seen a relative dearth of the RTS genre for consoles, and it's one of those generally agreed upon rules of gaming that the RTS should stay on the PC.

Recently, and probably influenced by the Nintendo Wii's new control system, we've seen genres, such as the point-and-click adventure game, come back to the home console with renewed verve and implementation. Universe at War: Earth Assault for the Xbox 360 comes at a time when gamers are open to fresh ideas about the types of games they can play. And it asks the question: 'Can the RTS work on a console?'"

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