Check Out FIFA 14's Gameplay Running on Xbox One and PS4

Microsoft and EA struck a solid partnership with FIFA 14, in an attempt to solidify the Xbox One's position in Europe with exclusive content and a copy of the game bundled for free with day one preorders, but how does the game look on the upcoming next generation consoles?

Here are two videos from the Eurogamer Expo show floor, one for Xbox One and one for PS4

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3-4-53414d ago

PES 2014 (this gen) looks more realistic, and more fun to play, it's also getting good review scores.

This looks like this gen, but with some bloom.

Derajcan23414d ago

PES isn't more realistic, yeah they have good graphics, but they don't have real teams, North Londerners? Manchester Reds?

Derajcan23414d ago

1st off you realize this is gameplay recorded by a video camera. Second PES is not as realistic as Fifa due to the fact, PES uses teams like Manchester Reds, North Londerners? Fake teams?

hellzsupernova3414d ago

I think he meant how it looks and controls. It's hard to get into a sports games without licensed teams

Ezz20133414d ago

this don't look like a next gen game by any means

WarThunder3414d ago

FIFA is really sending a poor message this year...

cyhm31123414d ago

EA gimped the PC fifa version every year, it is not that hard to gimp the PS4 version as well I guess?

thejoker10003414d ago

is this the great ignite engine ??????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! it looks pretty much the same as the current gen version to me!

fghtrer3fb5erg3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

The gameplay may be the same as the current gen version but graphically looks twice as better.

stadiums (indoors/outdoors)

All these i mentioned above look better than the current version, may not be a huge improvement but the difference is still something.

sourav933414d ago

Funny thing is, if you watch some PES 2014 gameplay on current gen and PC, it seems a lot graphically better than FIFA 14 on next gen. I enjoy FIFa, but if PES can give awesome visuals and animations on current gen consoles, why can FIFA have that for next gen?

1nsomniac3414d ago (Edited 3414d ago )

^^ this is the stupidest thing I've heard in this thread.

Play them both or even watch another FIFA video on PS4 & then come back & tell us what you think of your reply...

skydragoonity3414d ago

Honestly speaking graphic wise I'm not impressed.. Guess i expected too much

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The story is too old to be commented.