Media Coverage: The Art of the Preview

Media Coverage dissects how Game Informer, EGM and The New Yorker approach the job of whetting our appetites for forthcoming games.

The past couple of weeks have been full of bad omens for the video game magazine. With news that Games For Windows would be ceasing publication (in print form) and confirmation of Dan Hsu's plans to leave Ziff-Davis more than a few furrowed brows have declared that video game magazines are doomed. It's true, the Internet is delivering comprehensive coverage in a more timely manner than print can ever hope to match. But magazines still have their uses. I read the May issue of EGM cover to cover on a cross-country flight last week, then returned home to find the May issue of Game Informer in my mailbox. Both magazines featured exclusive cover stories presenting previews of highly anticipated games. Despite flagging sales and shriveling ad revenues, these publications are still able to scoop their web-based brethren and do it with a certain amount of style.

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