WiiWare: Developer Views writes: "Last week, Nintendo held a media event in San Francisco where it unveiled a handful of DS, Wii and WiiWare titles to a gathering of journalists. While the event allowed for some hands-on time with the games, it was surprisingly light on specifics - especially considering that the event took place a month prior to the North American launch of the WiiWare service.

Nintendo has not officially confirmed which games will be launch titles on May 12. Nor has it announced pricing details - although, if the Japanese service is any indication, they should range from 500 - 1500 Wii Points. At this point, we also don't exactly know how Nintendo plans to address the lack of a hard drive - how many WiiWare titles can be stored on the console's flash memory, and will consumers eventually have to erase titles to buy new ones?

Q: Why opposed to Xbox Live Arcade or PlayStation Network?

Nic Wat: I think the nice thing about WiiWare is...There is quite a breadth of things you can do with [the controller], quite a breadth of software. I think that really differentiates the service.

I think the clever thing Nintendo has done is that there are really big titles there. Like Crystal Chronicles - that's going to pull in a lot of core gamers. And then you've got Pokemon in Japan. I'm not sure if it is releasing in America or not, but I presume it will be. And Pokemon is going to get every kid in the land going "Mom! Why don't we get on WiFi - I want that."

So, the brilliant thing about that is bringing people to the store. And once they're at the store then they'll see our game and all the other games. So I think Nintendo is being really clever about that."

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PS360WII3888d ago

Nice interview. Glad to see the devs are happy so far and I'm glad they didn't get into the royalty question. Bad form to talk about money and profits outside of the actual deal