Edge Review: Viking: Battle For Asgard

Edge writes: "Viking: Battle For Asgard has a problem, and a befuddling one at that. It doesn't make any sense that it's not brilliant.

Of course, there are reasons why this review carries the score it does, but Viking's shortfalls just seem so peculiar when compared to the surging competency of its strengths. The stall it sets out is confident and vivacious: a thirdperson adventure with a laudable overarching vision, with you, as Viking Skarin, trotting around the land, battling the Hel scourge and liberating captured troops before recruiting them into your army. The payoff for accruing such human resources and other supplies is that each of the levels – there are just three, but each is sizeable – climaxes with an all-out brawl of heroic proportions, as the Hel HQ is assaulted and toppled."

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