420° Countdown Teaser is not a domain name owned by Blizzard Entertainment, but the site has started an intriguing countdown teaser.

Blizzplanet, which is hosted by, is also mirroring the same type of teaser vibe with its own countdown.

Fans have gone into rumor mill mode. Whatever it is, the answers will be unfolded on May 1st.

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Kulupoo4910d ago

13 days later
hey guys we r getting shut down by activ blizzard mwhahahaha

nah srsly... if D3 is announce, it will be frickin sweet

Umaro4910d ago

I wonder what it could be? The current train of thought in the Diablo world is that blizzard is going to announce diablo 3/mmo at the Blizzard WWI event in June. I think has a co-webmaster going to said event.


mirroredderorrim4910d ago

It could also mean that they sold the domain to Blizzard and are officially going live on said date?

Who knows..

Twizzlada_Shogun4910d ago

I've been going to almost everday now for about 2 years, 3 years, something like that.

I don't post in their forums, I basically just go there to see if they posted any new news, but I have looked at the forums and read peoples posts.

From what I can see, it just seems like a fairly small community of people, anticipating the same game as I am. I'm pretty curious as to see what this countdown is. The site has never done anything like that before, and I'm almost positive they wouldn't do it for anything non-diablo 3 related.

Leord4910d ago

The sad thing is, I think that if Blizzard does indeed launch Diablo 3, they will buy this domain together with all the other diablo3.### they have. That is what they did with all the WorldofWarcraft.### domains.

If they don't, then there is a great chance of the next Diablo game not being named Diablo 3, but perhaps "World of Diablo", or something like it - an MMO.

We know they are working on *something*, and we also know they are looking for "next gen MMO developers". Now, that doesn't HAVE to be a coincident, but it COULD be...

Either way, we'll see...

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