The Scene Cut From Amnesia: A Machine For Pigs Is Even Worse Than You'd Guess

Hardcore Gamer: The next time you play through Amnesia, just remember you were only saved from the terror of pig corpse desecration because the developers thought it looked a bit too much like rape and were turned off.

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sdozzo2666d ago

Eh, it was a nice game. Outlast stole its thunder though.

LoaMcLoa2666d ago

“Pigs f***ing human corpse.”

Quote of the year.

Oldman1002666d ago

They probably could have made it work if they had the pig f***ing a dismembered corpse.

AnotherProGamer2666d ago

Didn't Pyramid Head rape a dead body in Silent Hill 2?

Skate-AK2666d ago

Close. He was banging one of the nurses.