Ubisoft’s Giving Up? Leave Luck to Heaven, Nintendo

SheAttack: "While it makes sense that supporting a company renders more content from them in the future, I can’t help but notice that it is always the Nintendo fans that feel most of the brunt from jaded developers."

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TheVideoGamHer2547d ago

Nintendo's third party support situation will not change overnight. People need to realize this. The community and the industry alike.

Godmars2902547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Publishers resorting to "begging" or threatening their customer base, thinking they're entitled to millions in sales regardless of the quality of their product, is hardly a good sign. Not going to help anyone.

TheVideoGamHer2547d ago

You're so right about that. Now I understand Nintendo's stance on not throwing money at these companies. You see how spoiled they've gotten lol. At first it was cute because it inspired more of a work ethic, but now it's no longer charming.

miyamoto2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

I strongly doubt Crapcom begged for gazillions of dollars when it Nintendo swiping their latest PlayStation mega hit for in point RE4,MH4...
and just look at the many 3rd party devs Nintendo threw theur money at to help them make 'HD' games for the Wii U because they still do proper 3D HD games in 2013.

paleselan2546d ago

But that's all they can do. If there's no money to be made, then the only alternative is to stop releasing games for the Wii U.

Godmars2902546d ago

MML3: Capcom involved fans of the series in the early development process, then blamed them for not showing enough support after fans exceeded to show such in what Capcom asked for.

Nevermind that this was a 3DS title we're talking about.

With the Rayman incident Ubisoft had a clear instance of showing support for the WiiU, generate some sales for it, but instead delayed the game's release so that they could put it out on other systems at the same time. They had a commitment while also actively promoting the WiiU, then chose to ignore all that talk to show their true feelings through action.

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shutUpAndTakeMyMoney2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

Well wiiU better get some more ram if it wants this..

AKR2547d ago

Ubisoft has been a strong supporter for Wii U - but they've also side-swiped Wii U owners a few times as well.

- Rayman Legends was supposed to be a LAUNCH title, but got an understandable delay. Then it was delayed again and lost it's Wii U exclusivity (which is actually good, so that other players can enjoy it).

- Splinter Cell: Blacklist is missing the local co-op features, as well as the high-resolution textures pack, and also has some bad loading times.

- The Division, The Crew and the new Trials are skipping Wii U.

...By the time AC4 and Watch_Dogs release ~ the Wii U should be picking up, so hopefully owners will also buy those two titles along with the first-party lineup.

SpiralTear2547d ago

The Rayman Legends delay for multiplatform was not a good delay for Ubisoft. It might have been fine for people who didn't want to buy a Wii U to play it, but Ubisoft released it during a very busy and competitive time for the industry.

It was bound to sell poorly. GTA V was in the same month of release. If the game was released earlier this year as planned, it would get more publicity sent its way and more sales. Even if Ubisoft desperately wanted it to be multiplatform, there is no sensible explanation why they'd release it when it was released.

Yes, Rayman Legends sold best on Wii U, but Ubisoft missed an opportunity to not only gather more attention for the game, but to give the Wii U a much-needed boost in install base.

jmc88882546d ago

Exactly. Rayman Legends and Aliens: Colonial Marines were the games slated for release.

Then A:CM got delayed and then canned. Which means Rayman Legends, during the height of the game drought, had the entire Nintendo Wii U audience, and prospective audience, to themselves.

Instead they delayed it so it could compete against Splinter Cell Blacklist..which came out a few days earlier. Subsequently you have all these other Wii U games coming out this fall....Sonic, Super Mario 3D, Batman Arkham Origins, Zelda Wind waker, Donkey Kong, and CoD:Ghosts.

Even on top of that you have ACIV, Watch Dogs, and two Just Dance games from Ubisoft.

Then of course you have all the other video games on other consoles, including people saving money up for either or both of the two new consoles.

Games like GTA V. Beyond Two Souls.

It's literally like rescheduling a pilot from the summer doldrums to going head to head with the Superbowl.

Epic bad decision. How can they be so concerned with lack of sales yet be the ones that in at least this case might have dropped Wii U sales of the game by 50 percent by their idiotic decisions? Talk about shooting themselves in the foot.

TheVideoGamHer2546d ago

Every time I think about how Legends would have had that ENTIRE window to themselves if they would have launched earlier this year, I cringe. That would have been so much easy money. It should have simply been a timed exclusive.

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DoctorJones2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

Who's Emily Rogers?

EDIT:Seriously, I've never heard of her. Why should I care what she has to say?

I might as well go and listen to a tramp. Or any other random person.

Realplaya2546d ago

She's a Journalist if I am not mistaken. Contrary to what her twet shows. She does support Nintendo and she has a good point.

AWBrawler2546d ago

here i thought Emily rogers was as famous as Chris Hoffman.

Activemessiah2546d ago

To be honest, most Nintendo owners (if not all) have another console to play those third party games... I think the main the reason for a Wii U is solely for the Exclusives.

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