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Should Nintendo Go Third Party?

There's a school of thought that Nintendo should follow their old rivals Sega and pull out of producing hardware. This article takes a look at some of the arguments for and against Ninty going the software-only route.

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Pieces about this topic in particular as so flawed they really shouldn't be allowed. Its a tired conversation that can easily be labeled "old". The writer doesn't do a bad job arguing both sides but it will never happen and whenever people discuss it as a possibility it just displays how little they understand the thing they're talking about.
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KonsoruMasuta2917d ago

Of course not. As stated in the article, the 3DS is selling well and Nintendo has enough money in reserve to stand strong even if the WiiU crashed and burned.

I think they should stay in the hardware business. Keep up with the handhelds.

They shouldn't make games for IOS and Android. Just port some of their older ones. Like games from the NES and N64. The casuals would eat that up.

The WiiU is a different story. The way I see it, Nintendo should give it another 2 years. If the WiiU sales don't improve by then, they need to start working on a new console.

TheVideoGamHer2917d ago

They're more than likely already working on their next console. They usually beginning working on one after a console releases.

AnteCash2917d ago

They all do... except MS . xD

Retroman2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

"They usually begin working on one after a console released"

same with Sony PS5 will be in development starting early 2014

guitarded772917d ago

Yes, they're already designing new hardware. But I'm of the camp that wished Nintendo would go third party. I'm tired of buying Nintendo consoles just to play Nintendo games. It would save me some money, and it would put Nintendo classics on mobile devices (Yes, i know 3DS plays VC titles, and there are emulators on mobile devices). I actually think Nintendo would make a much greater profit by being in the software business. The biggest profit is in software, and putting Nintendo games on more platforms gets more people buying the software. I think it would be good for gamers, Nintendo and other console manufacturers.

RicardJulianti2917d ago


It would actually cost Nintendo far more to go third party. Instead of getting royalties from third parties and the profits from hardware (Nintendo RARELY sells things for a loss, the 3DS has been sold at a profit for over a year now and Pokemon hasn't even released), they would have to PAY royalties to the other platforms they are on. The biggest profits might be from software, but it's the supplement of large hardware profits that help sustain the business. Nintendo profited quite well even when the Gamecube was selling poorly due to profits from the GBA and even the GCN itself until they dropped the price to $99.

They would also have to give up a chunk of money to either Google or Apple if they put their games (that wouldn't work well at all) on iOS/Android. It would absolutely cripple their profits. Instead of getting $45-50 from retail games, they would get $25-30 making profit MUCH harder.

It would be bad for everyone really. Third parties hate to compete with Nintendo software. The go-to excuse for not supporting the systems is that "Third party software doesn't sell on Nintendo systems", which isn't exactly true, but the reasoning behind that is that Nintendo rarely has a bug in their games. Bethesda games would look like absolute garbage in comparison. Third party games are inevitably compared to the first party titles, and on Nintendo systems...they usually come up lacking.

You could replace every "Nintendo" in your comment with "Sony" or "Microsoft" and the argument would sound just as silly. Especially the "I'm tired of buying Nintendo consoles just to play Nintendo games." part. I'm tired of buying Sony consoles just to play Sony games.....but if I want to, I pay the price and so should you.

guitarded772917d ago

@ RicardJulianti

That's not true... Nintendo would make more money through selling more software. The sales would outweigh any difference in individual profit. That's why companies like EA and Activision make way more money with less known franchises.

The argument of replacing Nintendo with Sony or MS doesn't hold up either, because they have much better 3rd party support. The XBOX 360 is riding out on basically just 3rd party multiplats for it's last year and still selling.

Anyway, it's not going to happen any time soon, any argument for or against is just for the sake of discussion, so don't go attacking my opinion with your opinion masked as a fact. It's impossible to have a discussion when you're speaking in absolutes.

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k-dillinger2917d ago

i hope not with reports of ms leaving xbox behind in near future we need ninty in the hardware like above comment they have more then enough money to continue if wii u failed

MEsoJD2917d ago

I would love if Nintendo went third party, seeing how I like their software, but not their hardware. That said, I recognize that this probably won't ever happen.

Jay70sgamer2917d ago

To all the people that are saying nintendo should get out the hardware business and go software only ......the fact is Nintendo has been the console and handheld leader for the last 8 years up until this day (this is a fact not opinion)as I am writing this... what sense would that make for them to get out of the hardware business when they have the best software team in the business ..from a business standpoint it makes a lot of sense if someone wants to play there great games you have to buy there hardware ....especially when they have won the most hardware generations and the latest(wii) ...nes,super nes .....and who knows maybe they will win this one we don't know who will win this generation yet .....that's like telling apple to get out the cellphone business when they have sold the most cellphones in the last 5 years it doesn't make any sense just saying ....

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PSNintyGamer2917d ago

No, I need my Ninty Hand-Helds. I can't imagine the hand-held market without them.

LOL_WUT2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

Are you suggesting they should go handheld only? Because in terms of home consoles Nintendo should be leading not falling behind everyone else. ;)

Damn disagrees already? That didn't take long ;)

PSNintyGamer2917d ago

I'm suggesting that they don't go third party because that means I won't get to play my Hand-Held Nintendo games.

AbortMission2917d ago

Fanboys hate opinions, especially rational ones that go against their miniscule ideology on plastic Lol

PlayStation_42917d ago

I would love to see a Nintendo game on my PS Vita, not a big fan of the 3DS screens and they would look stunning on Vita's beautiful OLED display...

Not going to happen though, unless it gets hacked.

PSNintyGamer2917d ago

Yeah that's not happening anytime soon, especially with the 3DS selling so well.

BlackWolf2917d ago

Hey, you forgot the period... Oh, you didn't complete the sentence, right? Let me finish that for you, then...

"Without a doubt, no".

You're welcome.

diepdiep2917d ago

It's funny how there are gamers who look down on Nintendo and their games, yet they want the company to go third party just so they could play Nintendo games on the playstation or xbox.


JD_Shadow2917d ago

Umm...what games right now? The Wii U hasn't had that many worthwhile ones.

No one is complaining about the games (unless you count some of the people on Metroid message boards bitching about Other M for the millionth time). It's more about Nintendo's thinking about the systems they are putting the games on right now. Those are two different animals. Just because Sega had a horrendous track record with the systems they made post-Genesis doesn't mean they stopped making bad games while they were effing up their system strategies!

BlackWolf2917d ago (Edited 2917d ago )

What he means is probably about the type of games Nintendo makes. They're generally family and safe-content based games, so there's a lack of mature-oriented games, which make up most of Sony and MS games library.

Some of the "anti-N" gamers criticize Nintendo because of this in some instances, and later they ask for Nintendo games on their platforms of choice.

diepdiep2917d ago


Okay, I really don't get your point. Also, I never said "Wii U", I said "Nintendo" as in anything they made.

JD_Shadow2917d ago


My point being that just because a company makes a system that doesn't do well doesn't mean that they stop making good games. Did Sega's games suddenly suck because their systems stopped doing well? Did Sony's first party titles lack quality because they were on a system that had trouble getting a good install base for the first few years of its life?

Yeah, the Wii U might just be one system and all (and yeah, I know you are talking about Nintendo as a whole), but how much did they invest into this system doing well? I'm not saying they should or shouldn't go third party (and I love how many people just click disagree to a comment on this site just because it even hints at not being the opinion they want to hear even before they read what the post says), but I'm saying that it's always been an option for them that could be worth it if they were to go down that route (and remember, Nintendo, when they first started, WERE third party before they released the original Famicom, publishing games for the Atari systems).

What I WOULD say, though, is that the PC market could be very good for them, since both Microsoft and Sony publish games for PC (Sony published a few SOE games on PC) without it hurting their respective systems. Nintendo could do THAT without even thinking about dropping out of any console race. Talked about a Pokemon MMO that could very well work on a PC platform if Nintendo thought about it.

MEsoJD2917d ago

Nintendo's hardware has come off as sub par in my eyes, level of focus on gimmicky peripherals, = and I'm not a fan of their network policies. I like their software, but for the reasons stated are part of the reason why I haven't purchased a Wii U.

Man-E-Faces2917d ago

It's not about wanting Nintendo to go 3rd party, but let's be honest here, nobody should have to be put in a position to buy another console or pc just to play multiplats. When you buy a console it should be your sole gaming platform if you choose, that means getting it's exclusives and multiplats in 1 place. If the company fails at providing this for the consumer who doesn't want multiple consoles, then they deserve the poor sales as Nintendo is getting with the Wii U.