Delaying Multiplayer: Good Strategy for Single Player?

PlayStation Beat: Is Rockstar Games on to something here? Should more games lock the multiplayer for 1-2 weeks to allow you to experience the single player component in more detail? Or is this just an excuse?

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Finch3855d ago

I would hate it because I buy most my games just for the MP. Anyways lets say they did I would just wait until the MP unlocks go to the store and buy it used.

LackTrue4K3854d ago

this was a great move by Rock*!!!

they had a very low % of players that finished 4 (including me).

On V it really wasn't needed, the game its self/story is strong!

abusador3854d ago

I never finished 4 bcus I hated it and it was boring. I've finished over 95% of my so games all the while playing mp so I think that's a dumb excuse, ppl couldnt pry me from Tlou sp.

Setting a policy tht we get part of a game we already paid for later on is stupidity. Rockstar didn't do it bcus thy planned too, thy did it bcus online wasn't ready and this their fault.

Gaming1013854d ago

Part of it is, a lot of people were trying MP for 2 minutes, and then never going back to it. This was by design to give more dev time to make MP as best as possible, but the distraction of MP could hinder the SP and MP, in that you would ignore one or the other never giving it a chance.

I loved what Rockstar did, it kept a game already ripe with distractions and things to do from being too overwhelming right off the bat.

MysticStrummer3854d ago

To each his own. I thought 4's story was much better, especially the end. I think Rockstar just wasn't quite ready for the multiplayer to start up.

KonsoruMasuta3854d ago

I don't think that's why R* did it. I always thought it was because they needed time to prepare everything and try to get the launch as smooth as possible.

abusador3854d ago

Pure stupidity. A game should be launched when all components are ready. In no way did I agree with Rockstar making us wait for the onlineb component but I do understand things happen but this is not an innovation in how games should be launched. I see when ppl like a company they put a positive spin on anything.

C-Thunder3854d ago

Not saying i'd like it, not saying rockstar did it, but it would be an effective tool to keep people holding onto their purchases a little longer.

admiralvic3854d ago

Or it would be an effective tool to keep people from buying it earlier.

It works for GTA, since people just want to play GTA. Though it won't work as well for Battlefield or Call of Duty.

C-Thunder3854d ago

Agreed, this would only be a good move on a game with a strong single player.

At this point, neither cod or bf should even bother with single player - personal opinion.

BALLARD323854d ago

I think it's good in GTAV's case. Look at the problems they had with the Social Club when the game launched. It would have been a nightmare getting into a game if multiplayer launched on the 17th. They obviously didn't want to delay the game for a second time so instead they took the extra couple of weeks to make sure GTA Online had a smooth launch.

abusador3854d ago

So basically we are in beta testing, Smh. That's why all developers should have beta testing to a large public this would have helped iron out the issues.

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Profchaos13d ago

This fly by feature was on the cutting room floor due to the random plane crashes and it's one of those things I'm so thankful made it into the final version as these random fly by and crashes make the world seem more alive on the extremely limited PS2 hardware you needed everything you could possibly get in a open world to convey that feeling.

And accross hundreds of hours of gameplay I probably died around 3 times as a result of these fly by failures but I loved every time it happened

isarai13d ago (Edited 13d ago )

It made the world feel more human, and honestly kinda insane that even today with all these open world games, almost no one can capture that like R* even when compared to their ps2 games

Skuletor11d ago

Lol, I remember those. I vaguely remember dying from one crashing into my car once too.


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