Why Do We Play Games?

In this article, Kombo delves into the reasons why we play games, and believe it or not, we don't just game for fun.

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VigorousApathy3835d ago

I game for the girls.

...Maybe I should pick something else.

RealityCheck3835d ago

I play games as a mean of entertainment (fun) that is more interactive than movies and also to provide momentary respite (as in fantasy world) from the mundane day to day work life.

Skynetone3835d ago

many of developers semm to leave out the fun factor / or cool factor as i call it

kingme713835d ago

I'm always looking for that can't put down game. The last one I played was Jeanne D'Arc on the PSP where I would try and play it whenever I had a spare minute and looked forward to coming back. Kind of like a good book.

Sadly, I don't find as many of those as I did when I was younger. Not that other games aren't fun. I usually enjoy pretty much anything I'm playing, but I don't find myself wishing my current game du jour had 10 more hours of playtime. When they are done, I'm usually pretty satisfied.

I also find the anticipation of a new game is nearly as much fun as playing it. Maybe I'm in the minority, but I like to buy a game(s) before I have a chance to play it and keep a small little stack as a reminder of what's to come. I bought Oblivion GOTY edition last October and have yet to play it. Not that I don't want to, in fact I'm looking forward to it more than most games I have but it's a nice reminder of something fun I've got coming up.

I also have a thing about completing a game. I feel a bit of guilt if I quit a game early and usually try and come back and finish it. No idea why, some games lose their luster early on or just fall into a repetitive trap. Probably fall into the category of those that have to finish a book even if it sucks.

jkhan3835d ago

I play games, so that I can get my mind off from office and university. I felt games really helped me to relax and release my tension. Imagine killing your boss in a game:P

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