Gran Turismo 5 Prologue: Satisfyingly short

Globe & Mail games writer says he prefers the brevity of Gran Turismo 5 Prologue to other racing games that are "ridiculously epic in scale." From the story:

"They have hundreds of cars, the majority of which I have no interest in (I don't need to try driving every kind of Integra ever designed to understand that the vehicle is fundamentally an ugly, wannabe sports car-one will suffice, thank you), and hundreds of racing challenges, which tend to get longer and more repetitive the further you progress.

Prologue, on the other hand, has a relatively modest but still diverse selection of about 70 cars, around 40 races, nearly 20 tracks (counting alternate and reverse routes), and a nice little online racing mode. I wish we were able to modify and upgrade our cars a little more, but other than that I think Prologue is actually a reasonably robust and sensibly long racing experience. I've yet to finish it, but I'm guessing I'll end up spending about 10 hours on the career more, maybe half a dozen hours online. Just the sort of commitment I like to give most games..."

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myke66993928d ago

well said. i think the problem with forza 2 and to lesser extent, GT4 is that you have to be a total geek to spend a lot of time mulling over a game. i love cars, not playing racing. in GT5P, it's all about the cars and nothing else and to me that's alright.

Jamaicangmr3928d ago

Oh well this guy better stay clear of GT5. I hope he doesn't think that GT5 is gonna be as short as GT5:P. If so, Oh boy! lol!

I respect and understand what he's sayin and for most casual gamers and non racing game lovers will find the prologue perfect in this respect. This will however intern encourage them to pick up GT5 because of the enjoyable experience they had with prologue. This is just a way of expaning the fanbase all in the while keeping the hardcore busy until the main event. Plan well executed actually.