BEYOND: Two Souls - USK-Version With Minor Cuts

According to the German website, the USK-Version of BEYOND: Two Souls will ship with minor cuts. During a preview session they were told by a sony spokesman, that Sony had to make minor changes in order to get the USK-16-sign.

Little Spoiler:
They played a scene in which Jodie had to kill a kind of posessed doctor. End of Spoiler!

Since they already played the USK-Version they cannot provide any specific information on how strong the cuts are. However they did not have the feeling that the changes would cause a big difference to the other versions of the game, since the scene still seems pretty brutal. They advise gamers who already preordered the USK-version to stick to that and not to switch.

Sony has been reported and they assured that they will give a statement on this report.

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yewles11899d ago

Considering its mature story structure anyway, it should left intact as USK-18...

"the Wii version of the game from Sony has been adjusted slightly, probably to obtain a USK-16 release."

Wait, what?

Obidanten1898d ago

Are you kidding me???! I`ve preordered it by and now I will recieve CENSORED version?? Censores, get your hands off this game! I`m serious, Sony must clearify this.