GTA V And Torture

Muaz from Twinfinite writes: "I recently played through the mission where you are torturing a man as Trevor to get information about a target the FIB (the GTA series’ equivalent of the FBI) want Michael to assassinate. All you know about the target is that he is an Azerbaijani man. To Michael, and one would assume a lot of people playing GTA V, Azerbaijan is nearly indistinguishable from an imaginary place across the ocean from Neverland. You take control of Michael and drive out to an address that you are given by Steven, the FIB agent who bosses you around."

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PoSTedUP1849d ago

jounalism and torture. ima bout to start pulling my own teeth.

GuyThatPlaysGames1849d ago

The guy that wrote this article sounds like a pussy. Clearly he is over-exaggerating. I mean c'mon. You had to walk away from the game a regather yourself? Yeah ok.

Gaming1011849d ago (Edited 1849d ago )

lol the author isn't smart enough to understand that the game is making a political statement - they want you to be uncomfortable. Sometimes we are meant to be uncomfortable. The overly liberal people who wrote GTA 5 are making political statements against torture by showing how gruesome it is, and then saying that it's no good for getting information out of someone - even though you were more successful getting information out of the informant than you were just asking him.

Muazimus-Prime1849d ago

You called me a pussy. You get 10 internet points. Congratulations!

Wagz221849d ago

Mass media, torture in videogames = bad, torture in real life = good....

Wni01849d ago

no one gives a shit its a videogame. videogame stories suck get over it.

Allsystemgamer1849d ago

GTAV has a great story. Wtf u smoking.

Shadonic1849d ago

WTF where have you been all this time on Fox News or something ?

sevilha821849d ago

oh for fuck sake grow a pair...It´s just a bunch of poligons and pixels what the hell.
It´s not real,no one is getting hurt.

The reporter is that kinda guy that can´t watch a Saw movie to the end,or troughs up in the midlle of a Hostel movie.

When are people going to realize that a videogame is not real,it´s just a cgi movie that you can interact.

Muazimus-Prime1849d ago

How do you know what I can and can't sit through? You don't know me.

Pintheshadows1848d ago

By typing this drivel we have all learnt a little something about you. You have a very weak disposition. If you can't deal with these reactions like an adult, don't type the article.

sevilha821848d ago (Edited 1848d ago )

Many thanks pintheshadows could not said it better myself,back to the "writter",in my opinion it wasn´t such a strong scene,i´ve seen all of them before in war movies and mafia ones,if that grosse you out here try this little gem of a game(s),their also from Rockstar it´s called Manhunt ever heard of them?

Hazmat131849d ago

you know this was really hard for me to do. especially when i killed him, trevor had to inject him with adrenaline when he woke up he says "oh god, why am i still here." i felt like a massive dick.

Muazimus-Prime1849d ago

Right? That's the same exact thing that happened to me!

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