Konami Breaks 360 Records In UK Charts

The release of Pro Evolution Soccer 6 (aka Winning Eleven: Pro Evolution Soccer 2007) has seen Konami finally overtake Electronic Arts' FIFA series as the most popular soccer action game in the UK. The game experienced more than 23 percent more sales than the recent FIFA 07, despite being sold on significantly less formats.

Despite this, sales for the PlayStation 2 version were slightly below that for Pro Evolution Soccer 5, with the difference being made up by the Xbox 360 version. Despite controversy over excised content, compared to the PlayStation 2 game, the Xbox 360 version recorded the highest first week sales of any 360 game so far in the UK – easily beating previous record holder Dead Rising.

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THWIP4467d ago

...the REAL issue is:

1.) How strong will sales be after the first month? Most people bought it not knowing how flawed the 360 version was. After word gets out, sales will drop off drastically.

2.) How many 360s were sold in Europe because of this game? THAT is the $64k question, because it's the ONLY reason MS wanted the exclusivity.

shotty4467d ago

Why? whats wrong with this game.

Capt CHAOS4467d ago

Check out the other posts on this, I'm not a soccer game fan or anything so can only comment on what I've seen on the forums already..

venom nolatari4467d ago

Can you tell me what the issues are? Not a big fan of these football games but just fancied a change!!

RBlaze4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

If you've never played pro evo before you probably wont notice the difference. Its just little things like no edit teams in Masterleague, not many stadiums etc. But its the gameplay that makes Pro evo ace, just well realistic

venom nolatari4467d ago

Cheers for that will wait for COD3 GOW & RSV then Pro evo 6 if I have the time!!!!

omansteveo4467d ago

Must not be to bad bc still gave the game a 8.4 out of 10 so i dont see what the first posters point really is yeah it is missing some feature but its still good

richie007bond4467d ago

The games awesome man iv played it and its top class stop trying to shoot it down you pathetic sony fanboy,xbox 360 is selling like hot cakes and will reach the 10 million by the end of the year,i know at least 50 people who have xbox 360 in my area and thats just a small community were i live so god knows how much its selling big time round the world, people are snapping them up like theres no tommorow,so when gears comes out and the rest of the holiday season AAA titles come out the 360 gonna sell out once again

THWIP4467d ago (Edited 4467d ago )

I AM NOT a Sony fanboy....FAR FROM IT, in fact. I'm still pissed at Sony for the pathetic letdown that was the PoS2, and I pre-ordered my 360 last MAY, for my Day-1 purchase.
I'm simply stating the them or not. If it were a PS2 title, I'd be saying the same thing. ;)