Viva Piñata is finished

Microsoft has announced that Viva Piñata has now been sent off for production and will be arriving in US stores on November 9. The game's European release hasn't been announced just yet, but the game is listed on the Microsoft press site for release on December 1.

Microsoft has high hopes for Viva Piñata and the franchise will soon be entering UK households via children's TV. The 4Kids Viva Piñata TV series is already showing in North America and Microsoft has said it will make its way to our screens early in 2007.

Viva Piñata will be available in standard form and as a Special Edition. The two-disc Special Edition will come in a special rounded box and will include bonus content designed for the whole family to enjoy. Available for a limited time, the second disc will feature a number of family friendly game demos, plus a sample of the new Viva Piñata TV show.

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The great 14464d ago (Edited 4464d ago )

I can't wait for all the people to MS fans start saying crap, because this game is 4 kids, so lol.

kmis874464d ago

I really hope they fixed it up since Leipzig, but I don't think they would let it go now if it hadn't been fixed.

TheMART4464d ago

Just all wait guys. Besides the blood and gore in Gears of War for adults, this game will sell systems to parents shopping for their kid's christmas presents.

But furthermore, it'll attrackt girl gamers like The Sims did and even attrackt hardcore gamers that play Gears. You'll see. It'll sell loads and loads

specialguest4463d ago (Edited 4463d ago )

360 finally has ONE(count that...1) kid friendly game. that'll convince parents to buy a 360 for their kids...yes ONE game. hahaha

on another note, i did enjoy the CG animated Viva Pinata short series.

TheMART4463d ago

Well actually yes it will.

If childeren are all into something they'll cry their parents ears of for buying it.

Furthermore, Banjo Kazooie coming up for 360, what about Kameo?

So what kidgame does the PS3 have this Christmas?

Good to hear you enjoyed the animated TV Viva Piniata series. So many kids did also


this is going to be a fun game... mellow!

original seed4463d ago

If your'e going to flame dont post a comment. Im 24 and im picking this game up along with gears of war. I cant wait to pimp out my garden.