Beyond: Two Souls can be played through entirely on iOS/Android devices

In a huge surprise, Quantic Dream has made Beyond: Two Souls playable in its entirety on iOS/Android devices to go along with the PS3 version.

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core_51848d ago

this is soooo old ...

mrbojingles1848d ago

If I'm not mistaken, wasn't this just announced today or yesterday at the Eurogamer Expo? This isn't about the Beyond app itself, rather the ability to play the entire game (Not the co-op they talked about via the app before) on a iOS/Android device

1848d ago
DOMination-1848d ago

Wow I'm angry. Now a 360 only owner with a crappy android can play a game they should not be entitled to play.

jeffgoldwin1847d ago

Well on the bright side not playing the main character, a 12 year old school girl, will make u feel like a phedo.

dcj05241848d ago

The VITA gets none of it at all? Missed oopportunity.

Skate-AK1847d ago

Pretty sure they don't mean you can play the actual game. You can just use your phone as a controller.

jeffgoldwin1847d ago

"you don’t even need your PS3 to play it if you so desire."

Clicking on the article is hard.

Skate-AK1846d ago

You do need a PS3 to play the game. The article is incorrect. Being rude when you are wrong just makes you look stupid.

"The app is only a controller. A free second-screen application will allow you to play Beyond: Two Souls on the PS3 using an iPhone, iPad, iPod touch or Android device.

"Not everybody was born with a DualShock controller in their hands," explained Quantic Dream's David Cage during the Eurogamer Expo in London today. That is why the developer took the bold decision to allow players to play the entire game using a touchscreen device rather than a conventional joypad."

"Already available on app stores Beyond Touch allows gamers to use touch commands rather than button presses and movements of a thumbstick. This opens up the title to people who aren't traditionally gamers, but will play casual games on their smartphones or tablets."

jeffgoldwin1846d ago

You've just 1 up'd your own stupidity with stubbornness of the truth and self-righteousness. Grats on that feet.

hellvaguy1846d ago

Ya dude Skate u got owned here bigtime. Just go home at this point.

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